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Behind a world first clean energy solution

Location: Offshore, North Scotland

Sectors: Renewable energy

The Challenge

Bringing the world's first floating wind farm to life

The Hywind wind farm is the world’s first floating wind farm. This leap in technology lifts restrictions on placement.

The five 6 MW wind turbines are located around 25km from land. During the construction phase, the farm needed portable power, despite its tricky location.

Not only that, but the owners of the wind farm wanted to include battery storage once the farm was producing power.

This had never been done before, but that’s why we won the contract. We provide power no matter the circumstance

Project fact file

Storage Capacity 1 MW
Used for energy storage 2 x Batteries

The Solution

Power generators to support construction and battery storage to optimise output

We had to overcome some obstacles to supply the critical power for the floating turbines. Our offshore experience helped during the construction phase to enable our portable generators to be lifted onto the turbine platform, possibly avoiding needless delays.

Once the wind farm was up and running, the question of battery storage was answered by us too.

With our acquisition of Younicos, we were perfectly placed to help the owners of Hywind to explore the benefits of battery storage.

Our experts specialise on battery storage integration, and intelligent software was used to harness and optimise power being generated by the turbines, and then stored in the battery system to either send back to the grid, or used when intermittency struck.

The Impact

Hywind project is trailblazer for deep water wind

The success of this floating wind farm is far reaching. Floating wind turbines are projected to provide 10 GW by 2030, and Hywind alone is due to provide 22,000 homes with the electricity they need for everyday life.

Including battery storage means a more efficient process too. No wasted power, and surplus energy can then be sent back to the grid, and the power stored within the batteries equates to 1 MW.

More importantly, companies can now incorporate batteries into their business plans and a far greener future.