Client Utility Company

Location State of Amazonas

Sectors Utilities

The Challenge

Some of the world’s most inaccessible communities

The State of Amazonas is the largest in Brazil and covers 2.1 million square miles of land. The region is vast and largely isolated, with the majority of the state covered by thick canopies of rainforest.

The communities that call Amazonas home are largely cut off from the outside world. Crucially, they remain unconnected from the national grid – a situation which is unlikely to change due to the near impossibility of running power distribution cables through the rainforest.

That’s where Aggreko comes in. Reaching off-grid communities and providing power to the most remote locations is at the heart of what we do.

But with most Amazonian communities only connected by river, meaning it can take days to get from one end to the other, this project has presented unique challenges for which we needed bespoke solutions.

Project fact file

26 x

Remote locations

20,000 km

Of Amazon River

137.7 MW

Of power

The Solution

Providing power and improving fuel efficiency

Aggreko will deliver a complete energy solution using state-of-the-art, highly efficient diesel engines. Given the remote location of the project, the team will transport Aggreko generators on rafts along the Amazon River to deliver power to communities which are not connected to the national grid.

This means that our generators will travel along approximately 20,000km of river network, bringing a total of 137.7 MW of power to 26 remote locations in Amazonas.

The generators will operate for 24 hours a day for the next 15 years, bringing much-needed power to multiple remote residential areas.

Because of their enhanced fuel efficiency, the kits being deployed will consume 8% less diesel than standard kits, thus also reducing carbon emissions.   

The Aggreko Difference

Off-Grid? We can switch you on

The Impact

26 communities receive the power they need to thrive

The success of this project has hinged on the effective collaboration between Aggreko and key stakeholders in the Brazilian and Amazonas energy market. These include ANEEL, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, Amazonas state officials and the local distribution company. Working in this way has ensured that the final power solutions are bespoke to the specific needs of the communities which will receive them.

As a result of this collaboration, thousands of people living in the Amazonas will receive reliable power which is more efficient. This will support the important development of their communities and enable the improvement of their standard of living.

Our commitment to developing communities worldwide and bridging the power gap in remote areas continues to inspire and challenge us every single day.

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