04 Dec 2019

Five complex construction site challenges we’ve solved

Solving construction site challenges
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    Ben Vincent, Sector Sales Team Leader Construction

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Five complex construction site challenges we’ve solved

Every construction project comes with its own set of unique challenges, from everyday concerns such as how to best access the site, all the way to vitally important issues like ensuring worker health and safety in challenging environments.

Contractors have to consider all these challenges, big and small, and meticulously plan operations to ensure everything goes to plan. Not considering these issues, or worse, leaving them unsolved, can lead to consequences such as missed deadlines due to delays, added costs and penalties, or even damage to your reputation.

With that in mind, it’s important to find a supplier that can help you overcome these construction site challenges, and avoid delays and costs associated with site downtime. Please read on to see five examples of how we have previously helped construction site contractors and project managers do exactly this.

1. Challenge – lower site emissions

When a leading sporting event was constructing a large stadium in London, operations needed to be as sustainable as possible. Of these eco-conscious aims, keeping greenhouse gas emissions from onsite equipment very low was a key focus.

Through an Aggreko gas-powered generator farm producing 10MW of power, project managers on-site were able to have a constant, uninterrupted power supply during the entire construction process.

Not only did the gas fuel allow for lower fuel costs to a diesel alternative, but also emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter were also reduced significantly. The site was therefore able to comply with the project’s emphasis on lower emissions, and adhere to the stringent environmental regulations that govern construction in London.

2. Challenge – lower temperatures during summer

When a full fit out of a construction project included replacing a permanent chiller plant, project managers were faced with the challenge of how to supply temporary temperature control without any power supply.

Through a 400kW chiller powered by a temporary power solution both supplied by Aggreko, the contractor was able to maintain the correct temperatures during the hot summer months. By quickly providing a solution that was both efficient and fit for purpose, the contractor could benefit from lower fuel costs and reduced downtime, which couldn’t be provided by over specified options from competitors.

3. Challenge – avoiding financial penalties on-site

The construction of a next-generation, high-rise workplace in London meant a crane needed to be erected into national airspace as the work went on. Because the workplace was situated near an international airport, the crane could only operate when the airport was closed.

Ensuring the crane did not suffer a breakdown or power outage during construction was absolutely vital, as a power failure would result in the airport closing and a £20 million daily fine. 

Although mains power was its primary source of energy, the project managers chose to use a 500 kVA Aggreko generator with an 800-amp changeover panel to ensure the crane remained operational at all times. In the event of a power outage, the system would be able to step in and power the crane, meaning it could continue its work without incurring enormous financial penalties.

4. Challenge – replacing a dated power supply

A large phase of a school construction project, combined with the building of a new state-of-the-art sports complex, meant a new, upgraded power supply needed to be installed on-site. Because of the age of the existing switch gear and the housing for the main supply, the replacement would take longer than envisaged. Faced with this challenge, the project managers opted for a temporary power solution to bridge the gap.
Using a pair of Aggreko 320 kVA generators, the school was able to power its operations as normal, particularly during key exam periods. The load on demand system was able to power down one generator in times of low usage, which, combined with the noise attenuation measures, meant that there was minimal sound disturbance.

The contractor could also be at ease knowing the system was being observed for issue management by the 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) system and fuel costs were lowered through fuel tanks with Aggreko Fuel Management.

5. Challenge – improving worker drying rooms

When the construction of a nuclear new build was completed, the changing rooms available to the workers were not correctly specified as drying rooms. A lack of adequate drying facilities could result in worker strike action, so contractors needed to find a temporary drying solution while the changing rooms were upgraded to drying rooms.

The contractor was able to get temporary power from an Aggreko load on demand system, made up of four 320 kVA generators, which met the tight deadlines imposed by the unions. With this challenge avoided, the contractor and customer avoided any downtime costs as well as damaged reputation incurred by the strike.


Overcoming construction challenges

Managing a construction site can be difficult, and contractors face a large range of on-site challenges that could lead to large financial, logistical and operational complications.  With power being so integral to a construction site’s ongoing work and a source of many onsite challenges, a reliable provider is required. 

Whether a backup power solution, complete generator system or temperature control system is needed, Aggreko can deliver the solution and the expertise to help prevent such downfalls.


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