The bridge to net zero

London skyline net zero 2050

Working towards net zero emissions

Net zero’s pass into law means the nation is bound to a programme of change that will completely reshape public and private life. Businesses are no exception to this and a burden of responsibility now exists among corporates to begin a permanent move away from fossil fuels.  

At Aggreko, we are creating a bridge to net zero, empowering companies to do their bit. We are providing businesses with all the flexibility they need, to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities whilst working towards a more sustainable future.


NEW Industry report: bridging the gap to net zero

We wanted to delve deeper into the net zero issue and develop the conversation.

We have surveyed 200+ energy professionals across industries such as construction, manufacturing and events management. We aimed to gauge corporate appetite for change and uptake of alternative fuels as a route forward.

Some results in the report confirmed suspicions, whereas others surprised. What’s certainly true is that grand targets require a steady and sustained effort.

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