Industrial boiler hire

Industrial boiler hire at St Andrews

Commercial and industrial boiler hire

Cost-efficient industrial boiler hire for process heating and central heating projects

Aggreko’s industrial boiler hire service provides reliable and cost-effective temporary heating and hot water systems for a range of applications.  Whether it’s emergency heating or a planned refurbishment – we’ve got the equipment and technical know-how to support.

From a small footprint, our temporary boiler rental delivers maximum heat output, with temperatures up to 90⁰C and pressures up to 10 bar.

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Industrial boiler hire when you need heating and hot water - fast

We understand that if and when your business needs emergency heating solutions, time is of the essence. The last thing you need is a delay, that's why we've built reliable industrial boiler systems that are flexible and can be deployed within hours. Our 250 kW and 500 kW industrial boilers utilises an advanced dual stage burner, 3-way valve system and smart controls to optimise temperature control and minimise fuel burn and emissions.

Temporary boiler rental that offers optimum energy and cost efficiency

With an integrated 3-way valve, our temporary boiler hire equipment quickly achieves its operating temperature and maintains tight control over temperature. Even at part load, the dual stage burner ensures your site’s fluctuating heat requirements can be met with optimum efficiency.

Industrial boiler hire that has advanced controls

Our temporary boiler rental equipment offers a number of capabilities including:

  • The ability to link into building management systems
  • Close regulation and stabilisation of temperatures
  • Advanced fault-finding capabilities
  • Load-on-demand functionality, with multiple boilers controlled centrally and firing in and out to meet a site’s load demands.

Temporary boiler hire with a small footprint

Our industrial boilers are housed in a canopy casing with a small footprint for ease of transportation. This also makes them ideal for confined spaces, such as service yards, compounds and plant rooms.

Cost-effective industrial boiler installation, operation and maintenance with our temporary boiler hire

Our industrial boiler installation is easy, with Camlock connectors that link straight into your site’s hot water system. In addition, easy-access compound parts and an external secondary circuit pump make servicing and maintenance simple and cost-effective.

The glycol fluid system prevents freezing during periods of inactivity and allows start-up from ambient temperatures as low as -20⁰C, for use in cold climates.

Because primary and secondary fluid systems keep fluid flows separate, cross contamination and blockages are reduced for improved reliability.

And for further peace of mind, our industrial boiler hire service comes with remote monitoring technology, that allows 24/7 monitoring by our team of engineers.

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