200 kW Air Conditoner

Direct expansion (DX) air conditioner heat pump hire

Our DX air conditioner heat pumps offer high levels of heating, cooling and ventilation from low electrical input.

The compact construction of these self-contained units makes them an ideal solution for applications where space, as well as power input, can be a problem.

Key Data

  1. Air volume
    35000 m3/h
  2. Heating Capacity
    214 kW

Physical Data

  1. Length (m)
    5.80 m
  2. Width (m)
    2.23 m
  3. Height (m)
    2.61 m
  4. Weight (kg)
    4900 kg


  • Practical design, built specifically for the rental market.
  • Fully automatic operating mode to maintain the required temperature.
  • Busbar M12 electrical connection.
  • Eurovent conditions - air inlet 20°C 50% rh, ambient 7°C 86% rh.


  • Our largest air conditioner, but unit still remains compact and practical.
  • DX design allows rapid 'plug and play' installation.
  • Ideal when space is limited.

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