2.5MW Gas/Oil Fired Warm Water boiler

2.5MW Gas/Oil Fired Warm Water boiler

The dual fuel, oil/gas fired fluid heater is containerised including expansion vessel and circulation pump for the use in various type of heater applications. The high efficient modulating burner is electronically controlled to ensure stable temperature over wide temperature range. It operates on both gas and diesel.

Key Data

  1. Heating capacity
    2500 kWh
  2. Power supply
    400 V 3ph / 50 Hz
  3. Temperature Range
    6 - 105°C

Physical Data

  1. Height (m)
  2. Length (m)
  3. Weight (kg)
  4. Width (m)


  • Light oil/natural gas burner, dual fuel, modulating, manufacturer Elco
  • Efficiency (lower heating value) is 92 %.
  • The sound pressure level of the entire unit is 73 dBA on gas and 70 dBA on diesel, at a distance of one metre from the closed container. At 10 m the SPL is 62 dBA on gas and 58 dBA on diesel.

  • Two 300-litre (total 600l) expansion vessels.
  • Discharge head circulation pump, 19,3 m of water column.
  • The burner/boiler combination meets the current standards of the ‘BEMS’ (Emissions Limits medium-sized Combustion Plants Decree); NOx 70mg/Nm³ (gas), 115mg/Nm³ (oil)

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