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Added peace of mind with loadbank hire

Testing your power or cooling systems under real world conditions

Searching for loadbank hire tailored to your business needs? Our dedicated team of specialists have extensive experience in delivering loadbank testing projects for a range of sectors, including manufacturing, renewables, data centres and shipping. Thoroughly testing power and cooling systems before they go live, reduces the risk of problems during commissioning, project delays and potential contract penalties. Avoid interruption with out electrical load monitoring equipment for hire.

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Loadbank hire - the kit and the know-how

It’s vital to test your systems so you know they’re up to the job – whether you’re commissioning new generators or cooling systems, or need to carry out routine maintenance.  Loadbanks are used to test electrical power and cooling equipment. They simulate variable electrical load conditions in a way that can be accurately controlled, measured and recorded.

As each test is different, we offer a range of loadbank rentals and electrical load monitoring equipment that we match to your needs. Here are the generators that are available in our loadbank hire packages:

  • AC loadbanks from 100 kW ‘resistive only’ to 6000 kVA combined ‘resistive and reactive’ in single or multiple units
  • DC loadbanks capable of accepting voltages up to 500 V
  • Multi-tap transformers fitted with high voltage switchgear and protection as standard

We’ve designed our controls to make loadbank testing simple. You can do it remotely using a simple hand-held device, or on a laptop using our testing software, which allows you to collect test data – useful if you need to give your customers or partners proof of testing.

In addition, we provide full load test documentation for quality auditing purposes, including method statements and schematics.

From a single 10 kW low-voltage test, to a large, multi-megawatt, high voltage application, we’re always prepared with our loadbank hire service.

Testing and commissioning applications for loadbank hire

Our resistive and reactive loadbank rentals can be used for:

  • Maintenance testing of power equipment
  • Testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning of newly installed renewables projects, including wind turbines and solar panels
  • Commissioning of newly installed power systems, including turbines, diesel generators, motors and uninterrupted power systems (UPS), in particular for critical sites such as data centres
  • Testing cooling systems, including chillers and air conditioning systems



Why choose loadbank rentals and testing with Aggreko?

  • Loadbank rentals can be delivered and installed in the shortest possible timeframe to meet your needs
  • Loadbank testing generators can thoroughly prove power management systems and systems integration prior to go-live, and we're experts in loadbank hire testing
  • Thoroughly testing power systems before they are commissioned reduces the risk of problems during commissioning, project delays and potential contract penalties
  • Loadbank rental eliminates the need for capital expenditure - it incurs no large down payments or interest costs and preserves borrowing capacity, thus improving cash flow

Interested in our electrical load monitoring equipment? Simply contact us to find out more about our loadbank hire and how it could help you.


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