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power generation RENTAL, distribution and POWER TESTING tailored to your needs

Industrial generator rental, distribution and load bank hire - anytime, anywhere

At Aggreko, we’re committed to delivering on your power generation hire needs.

From temporary power for large events to emergency industrial generator hire to address shortfalls in existing power supplies, we’ve got you covered with efficient and scalable generator rental options. Whether you need trustworthy load testing services, high-voltage prime power, or emergency back-up power, we’re on-hand with a large range of power generation hire options.

When you rent a generator with Aggreko, you benefit from world-renowned products, managed by industry experts. From robust gas and diesel generators to environmentally-friendly stage V generators, we provide a wide range of generator hire options, as well as transformer, distribution kit, and load bank hire. And we don’t stop there.

At Aggreko, we’re dedicated to sustainability, and helping businesses we work with strive towards their environmental goals.
From our ultra-low emission stage V generators to pioneering energy storage options, we’re constantly innovating; meaning we can deliver on your power generation hire needs whilst lowering your carbon footprint.

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Industrial power generator hire - the power you need, when you need it

We design and build our own power generation hire equipment to meet the changing needs of the sectors we work with. Our generator rental options include:

  • Ultra-silent industrial diesel generators for low-noise applications
  • Natural gas generators, delivering cleaner, more  cost-effective power
  • Towable, portable industrial generators - ideal for use in the rail, utility and events sectors
  • DNV portable industrial generators for offshore use
  • Combined heat and power solutions
  • Hybrid – battery/industrial power generation packages for low load requirements
  • UPS solutions
  • Containerised, unbranded generators for optimum security
  • HVO drop-in fuel options
  • Aggreko remote monitoring for continuous power reliability
  • Load on demand set-ups, ensuring cost-efficiency for variable power demands

At Aggreko we understand that as power generation evolves, our power hire options need to keep pace, so we invest in developing our fleet to meet all of your power generation requirements. From small, temporary power needs at site-level to multi-megawatt utility-grade power for regional power grids, our industrial generator options keep the power on and your business moving forward.

Enquire today and discover how our expertise in temporary power and power generation could aid your business. 

Power generation hire that removes the hassle of fuel management

We offer a comprehensive and competitively priced fuel management service, so you don’t have to worry about
re-fuelling. Our regular deliveries will keep your temporary generator hire equipment up and running. We deliver at times that won’t interrupt your site, transporting fuel in specialist vehicles that can access any terrain.

For more information about how our temporary generator hire could help you, contact us today.


Greener upgrades in construction

Do you know the ‘real-life’ environmental impact of your temporary energy supply to site?

We have been improving our technology and services so those working on major construction projects are able to begin the transition to a greener future. Find out more in our guides, that explore what options are available and where key improvements can be made in the sector.

Discover greener alternatives

Greener power generation with generator and battery

Frequently asked questions

  • What fuel do generators use?

Generators run on a variety of fuels, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. These fuels include diesel, gas, petrol, propane and hvo biofuel. While diesel and gas options are more common, hvo biofuel poses significant reductions in carbon emissions, allowing for more sustainable power and lower overall emissions. 

  • What size generator do I require?

That depends entirely on your needs. Different projects will have different power requirements, so it’s important to consider the level of power you’ll need in the planning stages. For example, a small building site will require approximately 3 – 4 kW of power to stay operational, whereas an office, manufacturing plant, or construction site will need upwards of 750 kW. If you’re looking for backup power to cover an emergency or planned outage, it’s wise to factor in more power than you need to protect against any further complications. 

  • What is the difference between kva and kW?

KVA (kilo-volt-amperes) is a measurement of apparent power. In layperson's terms, it’s a measurement of the total amount of power being used in a system. (A generator, for example.)kW (kilowatt) is the level of working power belonging to an electrical system, measured in increments of one thousand. While the two acronyms are often (wrongly) used interchangeably, kW measures the amount of s0-called ‘working power’, as in, the electricity that is being converted into working output, while kva refers to the amount of power being used in a system overall. 


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