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power generation RENTAL, distribution and POWER TESTING tailored to your needs

Industrial generator rental, distribution and load bank hire - anytime, anywhere

Whether you need reliable back-up power, high voltage prime power or a load testing service, we’ll help you get the job done with our industrial generator hire. We provide dependable and cost-effective power generation hire packages with a wide range of gas and diesel generators, transformer, distribution kit and load banks. 



Industrial generator hire - the power you need, when you need it

We continue to custom-build our power generation hire equipment to meet the changing needs of your industry, including:

  • Super silent industrial diesel generators for low-noise applications
  • Natural gas generators, delivering cost-effective and cleaner power
  • Towable, portable generators - ideal for use in the rail, utility  and events sectors
  • DNV generators for offshore use
  • Combined heat and power solutions
  • Hybrid – battery/generator packages for low load requirements
  • UPS solutions
  • Containerised, unbranded generators for optimum security
  • Biodiesel fuel options
  • Aggreko remote monitoring for continuous power reliability
  • Load on demand set-ups, ensuring cost-efficiency for variable power demands

Because your needs change, we invest time and money in developing our fleet to meet them. From small, temporary power needs at site-level to multi-megawatt utility-grade power for regional power grids, our power generation services keep the power on and your business moving forward.

Power generation hire that removes the hassle of fuel management

We offer a comprehensive and competitively-priced fuel management service, so you don’t have to worry about re-fueling. Our regular deliveries will keep your hire equipment up and running. We deliver at times that won’t interrupt your site, transporting fuel in specialist vehicles that can access any terrain.

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