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Data Centre Construction in the Nordics

Preparing for data centre construction in the Nordics

The Nordics continue to emerge as a leading destination for new data centre projects. Its cold climate and access to renewable energy makes it an increasingly enticing location for data centre operators. However, with UK and Irish contractors relied upon to deliver these time-critical facilities, many still fail to adequately prepare for the cold winters and above-average levels of humidity.

Download our latest guide, which explains everything that is required to construct with confidence in the Nordics. The guide covers:

  • Humidity and temperature levels in the key sites
  • Key construction challenges in the region
  • Adopting sustainable practices in data centre construction
  • Expert commentary from the Swedish Datacenter Industry Association (SDIA)

Read our guide now, Prepare for the chill, to understand what steps contractors must take to prepare for the climate.

Download our guide Here