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Energy storage & sustainable projects

It is little surprise that sustainable energy, and how to incorporate renewable energy solutions into both large- and small-scale projects, is high on the global agenda.   

And, at Aggreko, we’re passionate about finding renewable energy solutions for our customers, without sacrificing productivity. Instead, our aim is to keep projects moving whilst constantly adapting and innovating to ensure that businesses can be productive and sustainable. 

So, with that in mind, let’s explore an innovative means of making your energy system more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly: energy storage. 

Energy storage: how it works

Far less complicated, and considerably more versatile than it may seem, energy storage – often in the form of battery storage – is a process by which a battery energy storage system conserves energy for use at a later time.

Essentially, it’s a large-scale version of the batteries we’ve been using since the 1800s, but with some notable advancements – particularly in the field of sustainable energy – that lend themselves to renewable energy solutions.

In a battery energy storage system, energy produced (by either grid or renewable sources) enters a power conversion system, before being transferred to efficient, convenient battery modules (for example, our Y. Cube).

In the instance of renewable energy solutions – whether solar energy or wind energy – the energy is stored at times of peak production, addressing the inherent intermittency issues of the form.

Energy storage and renewable energy: a sustainable solution

As energy storage – in tandem with the energy sector as a whole - continues its transition away from fossil fuels and onto more sustainable energy, battery storage – an inherently more environmentally-friendly form to support powering your project – is at the forefront of the migration.

Indeed, energy storage of this type is versatile, scalable and, particularly in the instance of renewable energy solutions, significantly more eco-friendly. For example, when utilized as power generation for a project, battery storage systems give off zero emissions. Moreover, if a sustainable energy source was harnessed, converted, and transferred to a battery storage system, this serves to reduce CO2 emissions even further.

Practically, this means that your project can utilize sustainable energy – with all of its environmental benefits – at your convenience, as battery storage negates the reliance on weather conditions for both solar energy and wind energy, meaning that your project can run with significantly lower emissions, whenever you need it. Plus, the mobile and module nature of battery energy storage systems means that you can also utilize eco-friendly energy wherever you need it.

Energy storage systems: sustainable energy

Given both its flexible nature and innate sustainability, it’s no surprise that large scale battery storage is considered by many will play a pivotal part in the future of energy storage; allowing for businesses to continue on schedule, whilst actively reducing their carbon footprint.

At Aggreko, we’re prepared for the future, with a range of robust, efficient, energy storage systems available for use on a variety of projects, so you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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