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Steam on a blend background, to illustrate the crucial role of steam in petrochems

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The crucial role of steam boilers in industry

Steam has been at the heart of industrial innovation, supporting production and critical processes across a range of industries.  We take a look at the evolution of steam technology in the petrochemical sector, where precision meets efficiency. We also highlight the benefits of our range of steam boilers that utilise unique and effective steam generator technology. 

Unveilling the power of steam 

Steam is used in a wide range of critical processes across industries as diverse as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and petrochemicals. More and more sectors and businesses are investing in energy-efficient steam boiler technology to realise the benefits. This article explores the many ways in which  steam boilers are vital to the industrial sector, with a particular focus on their role in the petrochemical industry and the innovative qualities that define Aggreko's new generation of containerised steam boilers.

Insights into Aggreko's containerised steam boilers

Benefits of Aggreko's steam boiler range

Aggreko steam generator

Modern steam boilers boast rapid startup capabilities, transitioning from standby to steam generation within minutes. This not only enables energy efficiency but also allows operators to conserve energy by shutting down equipment during idle periods.

Unlike conventional setups, our new containerised steam systems are engineered with minimal interconnecting pipework, in many cases reducing installation timelines. 

Their compact design minimises heat dissipation, maximises heat transfer efficiency, and reduces fuel expenses. This efficiency is a game-changer, especially in energy-intensive sectors.

 Our steam boilers systems are available in 2T/h or 5.5T/h units in 10ft or 20ft containers, offering a versatile and compact footprint that can be deployed with ease. This feature caters to industries where space is at a premium. 

Sector focus

How can our steam systems support the petrochemical and refining industries?

In the petrochemical sector, where precision and safety are paramount, Aggreko’s modern boiler systems excel. Operating optimally within the 110°c to 180°c temperature range, steam generators become indispensable for a multitude of critical processes.

Sector focus

Steam in petrochemical applications

Petrochemical site in india

Steam can help increase production capacity, our equipment can be scaled up or down to meet seasonal demands or changing production requirements.

Modern steam systems are designed to be energy-efficient, this helps in reducing emissions and energy consumption, aligning with sustainability goals.

During scheduled maintenance and turnarounds, existing equipment may need to be taken offline. Steam boilers can serve as temporary replacements, ensuring continuous operation and minimising downtime.

When expanding production facilities steam can provide the necessary  before permanent systems are installed.

Steam can be used to create temperature-controlled environments for heat load testing of equipment and processes. This is essential for verifying the performance of new equipment before it is integrated into the production process.

Steam is an essential utility in day-to-day operations within these industries. It is used for various purposes, including heating, distillation, and chemical reactions. Steam boilers provide a reliable source of steam to maintain production.

In cases where older, inefficient systems need replacing, steam boilers can serve as interim solutions until newer, more efficient systems are installed.

Steam is used in various petrochemical and refining processes, such as coking, line cleaning, and compression. Steam provides the necessary utility for these critical processes, contributing to efficient and safe operations.

Environmental and efficiency benefits 

Steam generator on site

Our modern steam boilers produce high-quality, dry steam efficiently and promptly.

Our steam boilers eliminate the need for large water storage, enhancing safety and reducing water consumption.

Equipped with dual fuel burners capable of using various energy sources, including light oil, natural gas, lpg/lng, and HVO, these systems offer much needed flexibility.

With minimal components to maintain, downtime due to maintenance is substantially reduced, contributing to uninterrupted operations.

State-of-the-art boiler systems incorporate automatic monitoring, enabling extended unmanned operation periods—up to three and a half times longer than traditional steam boilers.

The reduced weight of our containerised steam boilers simplifies transportation, making them suitable for temporary structures and remote installations.

Our steam boilers respond swiftly to fluctuations in steam demand, ensuring uninterrupted processes and peak operational efficiency.

These systems can effectively operate with svarious water types due to the onboard water softner package which comes with the boiler.

Comparing traditional steam boilers vs Aggreko steam boilers: a closer look at steam production technology.

The below diagram outlines the difference between traditional boiler systems and Aggreko’s state of the art containerised steam boilers utilising unique steam generation technology.

These systems both harness the power of steam but diverge significantly in their design and functionality. To truly appreciate these differences, let's delve deeper into the inner workings of each technology and explore how they generate steam.

Traditional boilers

heat steam icon

Heats lots of water, Slower start-up

Big installation

Big installation, Complex logistics

Risk icon

Huge quantity of steam, Risk management imperative


Large tank, Multiple tubes

Aggreko's steam boilers

Heat water icon fast

Heats less water, faster start-up

Container truck icon

Compact installation, simple logistics

Load on demand icon

Steam on demand, enhanced safety

small tank icon

Small tank, single tube

Empowering petrochemical precision

Efficiency and safety: the vital role of steam in petrochemical processes

As we explore the benefits of these technologies, it becomes clear that steam production methods can greatly impact efficiency, safety and ease of use in various industrial applications.
Steam boiler Aggreko
Boiling inside packaging out

A constantly changing cornerstone of industry

Steam generating systems once regarded as mere workhorses, have evolved into dynamic, indispensable assets driving industrial progress. Their adaptability, efficiency, and advanced features are the cornerstone of smooth industrial operations across diverse sectors, including the demanding petrochemical industry. As industries continue to evolve, these systems remain at the forefront of innovation, solidifying their place as pillars of industrial prowess.

For more information or queries, reach out to us today. Elevate your industrial operations with Aggreko's advanced steam solutions.

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