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Process Matters


Process Matters

Download our latest report and join us in thinking about the future of energy solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries.

Rethinking Energy in European petrochemicals. 

An in-depth examination of the industry’s operational challenges and how hire can optimise performance for process engineers

Delve into the challenges confronting today's petrochemical and refining (PCR) facilities as they navigate the energy trilemma amidst rising costs, legislative changes, and market volatility since 2020.
Gain unique insights into the sector's immediate challenges, highlighting the pivotal role of efficiency for profitability and alignment with the EU's Green Deal.

Our report draws from a survey of over 600 process engineers across Europe, offering valuable perspectives on power, process, and temperature control applications, addressing industry priorities and exploring short-term bridging solutions in challenging economic conditions.

Divided into two parts, the first edition focuses on the challenges of electrical requirements in the petrochemical and refining industries. The second part explores temperature control solutions for these industries.

View Inside of our Report : Process Matters. View demonstrate you will find plenty of analysis on this report

Process Matters. Part 2.

Now available: the second part of our report on the future of energy!

Find out what engineers have to say about the current energy market and our practical solutions to meet their needs. While the first report focused on innovations in energy production, this second part looks at temperature control.

Process Matters. Part 1.

Rethinking Power

Part One: The challenge of electrical energy. Haven't you read it yet? Would you like to rediscover it? Click below to go directly to the report.

A comprehensive investigation into the future of power generation and temperature control processes.

Process Matters


Discover the first part, focusing on power challenges in the petrochemical industry. 

Download the report

Explore the second part, delving into temperature control solutions.

Download the report

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