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Industrial Dehumidifiers: Explained

Versatile and efficient, industrial dehumidifiers can function as both a vital cog in a planned project or ongoing business activity, or as an emergency measure; imperative to business continuation. But how do industrial dehumidifiers work? And how can your business benefit from industrial dehumidifier hire?

What exactly is an industrial dehumidifier?

Industrial dehumidifiers, sometimes referred to as commercial dehumidifiers are, essentially, significantly larger and more powerful dehumidifiers than those you may have used at home, functioning in a similar manner.

Powerful appliances that both reduce humidity levels and improve overall air quality, industrial dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air in a manner similar to smaller desiccant dehumidifiers.

Deployed in large spaces such as warehouses, venues, supermarkets, or even large spaces affected by flooding, they can be vital for climate control.

How does an industrial dehumidifier work?

Most industrial dehumidifiers use a fan to pull air into the unit, which then passes over a cold surface, usually cooling coils. Moisture condenses as the air cools, dripping into a container at the base of the unit. Finally, dry air is reheated and recirculated by a fan.

Desiccant dehumidifiers, however, function somewhat differently in that rather than using a condensing process to remove moisture from the air, they utilise chemical attraction. Essentially, air is pulled into the unit and passes over what is known as a ‘desiccant wheel’, a literal wheel lined with a desiccant material similar to silica gel – the type most commonly found in shoe boxes and other packaging – which sucks the moisture from the air.

Benefits of an industrial dehumidifier

It’s little surprise that humidity can be a significant problem for projects and businesses. Indeed, excess moisture in the air can irreparably damage property, products, and critical assets, not to mention create an uncomfortable atmosphere; and that’s where industrial dehumidifier rental can benefit a range of businesses.

First and foremost, an industrial dehumidifier dramatically improves the air quality – and thus comfort – in any given space. Humidity can pose significant risks to health and wellbeing, exacerbating allergies or breathing conditions such as asthma.

Also, a commercial dehumidifier can be essential for inventory and equipment maintenance. Indeed, temperature control is crucial for the preservation of edible products, while machinery and other industrial equipment are susceptible to rust, which industrial dehumidifiers can prevent before it impacts productivity.

Elsewhere, industrial dehumidifiers can work to combat the buildup of mold and mildew, which, of course, threatens everything from products, walls and flooring to overall air quality. And that’s without mentioning the impact mold and mildew can have on a person’s health.

And, while industrial dehumidifiers should factor into plans for projects and businesses, it isn’t possible to plan for every eventuality, and issues such as flooding can be disastrous for both commercial and residential spaces. Indeed, flooding can be responsible for a litany of problems including rotting wood, mold and bacteria growth, rust and more.

Which businesses and sectors could benefit from an industrial dehumidifier?

As mentioned, the sheer versatility of industrial dehumidifiers make them an essential for a variety of businesses and sectors. For example, swimming pools and gymnasiums always require efficient climate control in order to guarantee user comfort, while it is vital that businesses in the food industry ares able to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful mold and mildew.

Industrial dehumidifiers are also of enormous benefit to warehouses and storage facilities, both of which require a means by which to combat excess moisture; which can be a particular concern if operating in a humid climate or season.

Industrial dehumidifier hire, from Aggreko

At Aggreko, we understand the importance of industrial dehumidifier rental, and can meet your requirement with our wide range of industrial dehumidifiers. Delivered, installed and maintained by our experts, we can ensure that humidity doesn’t affect your operations. For more information on the benefits of industrial dehumidifiers, browse our accessible, informative guides.