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The hidden cost of humidity on site

What you need to know about effective temperature and moisture control in construction

In the UK, high humidity is inevitable. With heavy rain a normality and summers getting hotter each year, it is likely to be an issue that will continue to present itself ever more into the future. For site and project managers in the construction industry, moisture doesn’t just make working conditions onsite uncomfortable. It can also spell disaster for building materials and the finished product if not properly mitigated.

Causing potential repair costs and long delays, moisture on construction sites – as well as its correct removal – is a challenge that faces many industry professionals. However, many companies that are tasked with the drying of a site do not make all of the necessary considerations to remove the moisture problem entirely. Such incorrect processes can result in irreparable damage and huge costs for all stakeholders, not to mention risking reputation for years to come.

Our guide - the hidden cost of humidity - aims to debunk some of these, equipping project and site managers in construction with the knowledge they need to effectively put an end to a moisture problem on their site.

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