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When to use emergency heating and cooling

Chiller breakdown at your manufacturing plant? Construction site lost heating in the depths of winter? Don’t worry. We’re here to talk you through all of the scenarios that may require emergency heating and cooling so that you know exactly what to do if disaster strikes. From flooding and fires to breakdown of vital machinery, find out everything you need to know below. 

How does emergency heat work?

Before we delve into when you should use emergency heating and cooling, it's vital that you understand the processes involved. So how does emergency heat work? Our fleet of temperature control engineers will be on hand to respond to any emergency – 24 hours a day.

When we arrive, we’ll set up our portable heater hire equipment and, if needed, combine with our industrial dehumidifiers to ensure your business is up and running again within hours of the emergency.

How do emergency cooling systems work?

Much like our emergency temporary heating, our emergency cooling systems work in a similar manner. Here at Aggreko, we understand how crucial temperature control can be at certain plants and factories.

To get things back to where they should be, our team of professionals can swiftly set up our emergency chiller hire equipment which can be used in conjunction with pre-existing HVAC applications for a smooth and flexible experience.

When should emergency heat be used?

Wondering when should emergency heat be used? Aggreko can provide emergency temporary heating in these critical scenarios:

  • Flooding. Flash flooding can be incredibly destructive and leave businesses with little time to prepare. Whether your shop, factory or construction site has been affected by water damage - we can help you get back on your feet again with emergency heating to quickly dry out the building. 
  • Breakdown of heating. If the breakdown of your heating system puts your employees or customers at risk, don’t worry. We can install fast, reliable and flexible temporary heater hire to keep things as they should be while your pre-existing system is repaired. 
  • Emergency heat during power outages. Like above, if you need emergency heat during power outages, we've got your back.

No matter how big or small the situation, rely on Aggreko for all of your emergency heating and cooling needs. 

During which heat emergency do you cool?

We've answered 'when should emergency heat be used?' - but during which heat emergency do you cool? We can help you there. It’s important to know the different scenarios that require our emergency cooling systems and solutions, including:

  • Extreme temperatures. With temperatures increasing across the globe, the ongoing impact of seasonal temperature spikes can be huge. In this situation, Aggreko employ the best emergency cooling system to get the temperature back to where it should be, whether it is ensuring workers are comfortable or protecting critical equipment.  
  • Machine breakdown. It sounds obvious, but to avoid costly downtime and the loss of wasted products acting quickly when vital equipment breaks down is essential. For example, in the food and drinks industry, products need to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure they’re fit for selling. 

If you require emergency heating and cooling, get in touch

Is your business in need of emergency heating and cooling? Call us now and our team of experts will get on the case. But our services don't end there. We can also get you set up with a temporary power generator to get things up and running again.