Fish farm generator hire package

Aggreko was able to maintain the ambient temperature required to keep fish products in perfect condition and design an effective solution that avoided business disruption.

 Peter Adam Managing Director ,

Reliable, bespoke heating, cooling and power to meet your productivity targets

Ensuring the optimum environment for fish throughout their lifecycle is paramount, and relies on a stable power supply and control of water temperatures.

We work with fish farms and hatcheries, delivering reliable and cost effective temporary power and temperature control technologies that help ensure business continuity, boost quality and increase process efficiency and productivity.

Precision water temperature control

Maintaining accurate and stable water temperatures can be critical for your fish farm – from encouraging egg hatching and fish growth, through to removing harmful bacteria. Yet it can also prove challenging for remote locations, particularly during seasonal temperature changes.

We can help you meet these challenges with reliable temperature control hire equipment. From delivering supplementary cooling to reducing water tank temperatures during warmer ambient temperatures, to designing automated heating and cooling for exact water temperature regulation – our experienced team of engineers will find a solution to your latest challenge.

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Off-grid power challenges

If your site’s power fails then your processes fail, resulting in a loss in production and revenue. Our experienced engineers are on hand to help you overcome challenges such as emergency power for grid outages, or temporary, supplementary power when you need increased capacity.

From hatch rates to virus control, we’ve got you covered

Our dedicated team of specialists will work with you from specification and installation through to commissioning, maintenance and removal. With a large fleet of generators, chillers, boilers, heat exchangers and supporting ancillaries, we find the best solution that fits. And because our equipment is modular, we can scale our packages up or down to suit your changing requirements – so you only pay for what you need.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you keep your productivity on track and your customers satisfied.

Our fish farm applications include:

  • Hatchery cooling
  • IPN tank heating
  • Close temperature control
  • Bio media sterilisation

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