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"We hope you never need to put your contingency plan into action. But our customers sleep better at night, knowing it’s there – just in case."

Get a step ahead with business contingency planning

No one wants to contemplate the worst-case scenario, however, being prepared with a disaster recovery plan could give you the upper hand when it comes to emergencies. At Aggreko, we’ll put your plans into action within hours of an emergency concerning power or temperature.

What are the benefits of continuity planning for your business?

All businesses are alike, in that a break in operations can have a detrimental effect on many operational elements. By planning ahead, you can ensure business continuity if you encounter equipment breakdown, floods, fires, storms, or power outages threaten your operations. 

We’re experts at thinking about the steps ahead, to limit and prevent these kinds of things damaging your business.

By opting for contingency planning through Aggreko, if the worst does happen, we can put our experts and equipment into action – swiftly and safely. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll work out the best contingency measures to put into place for your power, cooling or heating problems.


Planning for failure

Creating a robust contingency plan for power outages

The reliability on the UK’s energy has never been put into question more. As power cuts continue to dominate headlines, the ripple effect this can have on data centres, the healthcare industry and manufacturers could be significant. In a recent survey of 200 UK energy decision makers, Aggreko found that 82 per cent described power continuity as a major or significant concern. However, as many as one quarter admitted they did not have a business contingency plan for power outage in place.  And those that do have a contingency planning process in place, commented that there is no guarantee that it can be implemented.

In our latest industry report, you can find out what the key challenges are for your business, in order to best approach contingency planning for your business. The report can help with understanding:
• The problem in numbers
• Why contingency planning is imperative
• What considerations you should be thinking about
• The impact a business continuity and disaster recovery plan can have on your business

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A made-to-fit business continuity plan for power or temperature control

Our contingency planning is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as we understand that each business will have specific requirements.  So, we’ll tailor and implement a contingency plan, unique to your business and the risks you’d face if things were to ground to a halt due to an emergency.

The contingency planning process begins with a conversation. Our expert engineers meet you to assess your site’s power, heating, cooling or dehumidification needs, which then allows us to develop a business contingency plan, that covers the equipment, engineering, logistics and people needed to put things right after a crisis.

We don’t take chances. So contingency planning with Aggreko means we consider all details – big and small.

Here for you with our contingency planning service

With our power, heating and cooling disaster recovery plans, if an emergency occurs, all you need to do is call. Our expert engineers are on standby, ready to get to work on; delivering the equipment, getting it running and staying by your side every step of the way with our contingency planning services.

Why choose Aggreko for contingency planning?

Practical contingency planning for power, heating and cooling you can put into action – day or night. Here's an overview of what contingency planning with Aggreko looks like:

  • Get back to work within hours of an emergency
  • Reduce risks, minimise disruptions and keep things safe
  • Hands-on, rapid assistance from our local technicians

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