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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - Volunteers

A helping hand from Aggreko for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

We’re delighted to announce that employees of Aggreko have been successful in their application for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games volunteer programme.

From July, our team will be temporarily swapping their regular jobs in planning, customer service, HR, and quality engineering to become part of the Commonwealth Collective. Their new roles will see them joining a variety of teams including events services, hospitality, mascot services, accreditation, and anti-doping.

Scott Wright, Customer Service Representative at Aggreko commented on why he wanted to be a volunteer at the Games, “This is a once in a lifetime chance to come together for a fantastic event,” Scott, who will be taking on the role of Anti-doping Chaperone continued. “I’m looking forward to everything; meeting new people, learning new skills, seeing the athletes, and having fun while doing it.

Phoebe Gentleman, added “In years to come I want to tell my kids and grandkids what the Games were like by experiencing it first-hand.”

Our team all attended the Volunteer Selection Centre, located in the iconic Library of Birmingham, which offered a 90-minute experience for potential volunteers, and an exhibition about the Games and a cinema room. This saw our team take part in 30-minute interviews to ensure their role was a right fit for them before being notified they were successful in their applications.

Emma Stanton, who will be an Events Services Team Member says of the process, “I loved going to Birmingham to have my interviews. The process was really enjoyable, and it was exciting to see all the memorabilia on display of athletes.” Phoebe adds, “the in-person interview was a fascinating experience and it was good to see what to expect in this years Games.”

Tylor Boone who will be swapping HR skills for hosting as part of the hospitality team continues, “I’m going to be at the Basketball 3x3 and Beach Volleyball events and will be welcoming guests to the venue. I’ll be on hand to assist with any queries they may have.” He concludes, “I’m looking forward to meeting people from around the world, getting to take in the action of the Games from behind the scenes, and using my skills to contribute to an incredible event!”

Aggreko were announced as Official Modular Energy Solutions supporter for the Games in August 2021 and will be providing temporary power at all venues. The kit includes their Greener Upgrades offering which delivers low emissions solutions such as battery hybrids, Stage V generators and alternative fuel hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).


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