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Temperature Control Equipment

Power and temperature control equipment is crucial in the food and beverage industry. Key to maintaining a consistent climate, food temperature control equipment offers vital support at all stages of the supply chain; meaning food and beverage manufacturers can stay on track. At Aggreko, we can pave the way to lower costs, as well as providing a flexible and renewable energy source – important for striving towards sustainability goals. Simply, we ensure that the success of your business remains in your hands.

Power and temperature control to protect your produce

An outage in your processing plant or cold storage facility could be disastrous, and without the right temperature control equipment – including power, cooling, and moisture control, producers can face big headaches. 

At Aggreko, we understand the needs of the food and beverage industry inside out, and recognise the importance of efficient, economical temperature control equipment in delivering to your customers. 

Our large fleet of power and temperature control hire equipment means we can step up when you need us most – keeping conditions at their best, so you can meet your supply chain demands.


Avoid costly pauses in production

The food and beverage industry is an ever-changing sector, so it’s inevitable that you’ll need to upgrade or maintain your power and temperature control equipment at some point. 

But this needn’t mean shutting down your entire plant. 


So, whenever you need to switch off your own power and temperature control equipment - Aggreko is on-hand to support. With our rental generators and chiller rental equipment in place, you can keep production running – and your customers happy.

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“When it comes to food and drink production, there’s no time to spare. Installing our equipment quickly makes all the difference for our customers."

Extra support in high season

Food and beverage companies often work to a seasonal schedule, meaning peak production only lasts a few months, making it difficult to justify paying for equipment only needed in the short term.  

That’s why we flex to suit your needs; proving rental chillers for support if the weather warms up and low temperature cooling equipment if demand dictates additional cold storage space. 


We speak your language

Our specialist engineers have years of experience in the food and beverage industry and are understand the unique challenges faced by the sector. So, whether you need temporary cooling for your packing lines or power to support your bottling or packaging lines, we know exactly what’s needed. 

And what’s more, once everything’s operational, we’ll be on hand to monitor and adjust as your needs change.


Our experience makes a big difference. Contact us to find out more about the power, heating and cooling solutions we can provide to the food and beverage industry.

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“Aggreko’s expertise and service was essential to the smooth completion of our project. I could focus on the new facility, safe in the knowledge that they were taking care of everything required to ensure existing food stock remained in peak condition.”

Dave Rusher Facilities Manager ,
Grace Foods

“Aggreko was able to maintain the ambient temperature our client required to keep their fish products in perfect condition and design an effective solution that avoided business disruption.”

Peter Adams Managing Director ,

“When temperatures began to fluctuate we approached Aggreko as we knew they were temperature control experts that we could rely on. We were pleased that Aggreko responded so efficiently to our needs.”

Andy Young Furnace Manager ,
Cooke Aquaculture, Scotland

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