High voltage power supply

High voltage power supply

"We chose Aggreko due to their ability to adapt their equipment to our voltage frequency and PF control applications, as well as providing power in both grid and island mode."

Santiaho Pierro Director ,
Energia Argentina S.A.

Safe, reliable high voltage power supply

No matter your high-voltage power supply needs, Aggreko is on-hand to support. From high-voltage generators to load testing, we’ve got the expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. At Aggreko, we understand that working with high-voltage power equipment requires precision. And our high-voltage power technicians are experts in the field. 


What high voltage power can we supply?

We tailor our HV power options to your specific needs, meaning your high voltage power supply is efficient, scalable, and economically-sound. 

So, whether you need 5 MW HV power for testing newly manufactured products, or 100 MW temporary power for local grids, you can rest assured that your HV power needs will be met, no matter how specific. 

And because we develop and build high voltage power equipment to our own specifications, we can ensure everything aligns with the needs of your site. 

At Aggreko, we only deliver quality HV power. As such, our transformers, switchgear, distribution boards, and circuit breaker are all accredited, meaning they meet the highest safety standards. 

And with our innovations in sustainable power – like our stage V generators -  we offer high voltage power solutions that can support you in hitting sustainability targets. 

So, if you’re in need of a safe, efficient high voltage power supply, contact us today and find out more about our range of HV power options. 


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High voltage power equipment for blackouts, brownouts and backups

Power losses, however small, can be disastrous, impacting productivity and potentially damaging assets. But our high voltage power supply options can ensure that you’re never caught off guard.

Whether your grid is affected by a natural disaster, or your onsite power plant inexplicably fails, our HV power specialists will respond quickly; installing temporary high voltage power equipment to address shortfalls, fast.

If you need back up power, or coverage for a planned outage, our high voltage power equipment can help. So, whether you’re handling a blackout or planning routine maintenance, we have HV power options that’ll suit your needs.

We'll test your critical high voltage power systems before you flick the switch

With high voltage power equipment, efficiency is everything. That’s why it’s crucial to stress test your HV power before operation. At Aggreko, we can support with:

  • Load testing high voltage generators and systems
  • High-voltage power for testing and commissioning generators, turbines and high-voltage equipment
  • Backup power during commissioning
  • Rotary uninterrupted power supply (UPS) tests
  • Customer acceptance tests of high-voltage equipment

Additional high voltage power for testing new products

If you need a little extra power – whether testing new products or systems – you may benefit from supplementary HV power. We can quickly and safely install an efficient, cost-effective solution. We’ve got experience with a range of projects; from commissioning the largest screw compressor in the world to bringing new energy from waste power plant to life.

Why choose Aggreko for high voltage power supply?

Here's why you should choose us for your hire voltage power supply:

  • Backup power installed quickly
  • Safe testing of critical equipment
  • Specially trained high-voltage technicians
  • 24/7 monitoring and emergency response

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