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Oil rig providing offshore power

A lot of oil and gas customers come to us when they need a power package that can meet their specific needs without blowing their budget. Our job is to find that solution while taking financial pressure off the customer.

We’re your dedicated engineering partner for offshore power, heating and cooling

In an industry where downtime costs money – you need an offshore generator hire partner that you can rely on.

We have unrivaled expertise in designing offshore power management and temperature-control hire solutions for oil and gas production. This means we can support you through your project lifecycle. From construction and commissioning to production, stacking and decommissioning, it’s what we do.

Reduce and control your operating costs with our offshore generators

High operating costs and low oil prices mean hiring offshore generators, transformers and supporting equipment can be cheaper than buying.  Our diesel generator hire range includes our new containerised Zone 2 generator suitable for hazardous areas. Our gas generator hire services offer the same added benefits with low emission and high durability to withstand any climate.

Our projects are inclusive of fleet management, maintenance and deployment, power site safety, planning, remote monitoring and reporting systems – helping you control your costs.

Specialist offshore power expertise

We know that no two rigs are the same,  so we've built-up a sea of expertise over the past 50 years in providing sustainable offshore power to the industry. 

Our experienced, offshore-certified service engineers provide full engineering support from initial concept to final commissioning. No matter where you are in the world, we can help with gas production hire.

Watch-keeping, servicing and full offshore certification packages are part of the job – to make sure you get reliable, continuous offshore power.

As offshore applications demand specialist fleet, ours includes Zone 2 offshore generators, DNV containerised, crash-framed generators and a comprehensive range of load banks and multi-tap transformers.


"We've built-up a sea of expertise over the past 50 years servicing the offshore industry."

Reliable performance that flexes to meet changing needs

We can help you maintain production – no matter how frequently your offshore power needs change. Our offshore generator hire solutions give you the flexibility to scale your power, heating or dehumidification package up or down, depending on the demand at a specific point in your project.

If things change, we’ll make sure that our offshore generators and temperature control equipment give you what you need quickly.

We also respond swiftly to emergencies. So, if equipment outages threaten your operation, we’ll help keep you online.

Get in contact with the Aggreko team today and find out how our offshore generator hire could help you.

Involved in decommissioning? Find out more about our decommissioning power and temperature control hire solutions. 


“Aggreko was able to manage all of our power requirements – from sourcing the right filter management company to customising a power solution that helped improve production above our original estimation.”

Jason Wacker Operations Manager ,
BC Operating

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