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Temporary power for power projects

Decentralised energy

Petrochemical & refining

Turnkey power plants to highly efficient small-scale bridging solutions

Decentralised energy enables flexible generation, provides demand side response opportunities, reduces energy costs, reinforces security of supply, cuts carbon emissions and, in some cases, generates revenue. Whether the grid is unstable, unable to cope with demand or the wholesale electricity pricing is too high, our flexible options do not require
capex investment and output can be rapidly increased or decreased in line with demand. Aggreko’s hybrid solution, combining natural gas or Stage V generators with battery storage, delivers a secure source of clean, lower-cost energy on demand, as and when required.

We can offer rapid deployment of multi-MW power stations and long-term independent power producer (IPP) solutions and as  power specialists we can use a wide range of fuels for power generation including:

Efficient engineered solutions for the petrochemical and refining sector

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