05 Jul 2017

Aggreko provided pre-commissioning power to America's first offshore wind farm

Offshore windfarm

Reliable temporary power generation is crucial not only for the testing phase, but throughout the whole offshore and onshore wind farm lifecycle

The United States commissioned its first offshore wind farm in 2016 thanks to Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm. The commercial operations began in December, delivering electricity into the New England region’s grid on a regular basis through a submarine transmission cable system. This is a big step for the region and the country, once it not only generates jobs and power but it will also reduce air pollution across southern New England for years to come.

However, it takes power to generate power and that is why Aggreko was chosen to provide testing and pre-commissioning power for the project before it was connected to the grid. In the video below, you can see how we provided a complete turnkey 4.5MW mini-grid solution to help make this project possible.


It’s undeniable that the wind industry is growing and will continue to grow. Nowadays, it is the fourth largest source of electrical power in North America after natural gas, coal and nuclear.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Vision report, the country will be able to meet 35% of its electricity needs through wind power by 2050. 

Because of that, after the launch of the Block Island Wind Farm last year, additional and larger offshore development projects will come for North America. Every wind farm has a complex lifecycle and its different phases – planning, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance – have different needs. However, all of them require a flexible temporary power capability.