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Accelerating transition

Accelerating transition

We are committed to caring for our world today and safeguarding it for future generations. Innovating cleaner energy solutions and enabling our customers to make the switch to more sustainable solutions. Going further, faster to accelerate the transition to Net Zero emissions. For everyone’s benefit.

Tomorrow’s energy transition starts today. To proceed with purpose, we must first understand the impact of our operations. We have completed an assessment of our operations and established our 2021 emissions baseline. Giving us an understanding of the carbon footprint of our business in every region.

This foundation was the starting point to provide awareness of our scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions, project future emissions and identify opportunities to decarbonise. External factors mean every country faces its own challenges and each has a different pace of acceleration on the path to Net Zero. This has enabled us to create a bespoke transition roadmap and timescale for each region that feeds into two overarching goals. These goals encompass our ambition to make a difference and unite us all on our journey to Net Zero. We will continue to monitor and report on our progress throughout our journey and continually look for opportunities to influence change.

Accelerating transition focuses on four key areas.

We start from the ground up, with dedicated sustainability teams supporting each region throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Local frameworks, unique to each region, shape variations in policies to ensure effective integration and engagement. All united and driven by the same overarching company targets.

We believe that investing in an embedded integrated structure will bring us a step closer to better understanding our customers’ energy requirements. This will enable us to identify opportunities to deliver commercial benefits to our customers as we help them to progress with their own sustainability goals.

We have also aligned our approach with the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals underlining our commitment to drive change and monitor our impact.

Aggreko's energy transition strategy has never been more urgent.

“Climate breakdown is happening faster than expected and the window to take action is closing rapidly. We are ready to accelerate our efforts towards Net Zero emissions from our facilities and operations by 2035."

George Whyte
Managing Director APAC

Accelerating transition

We are committed to supporting the transition to Net Zero, helping safeguard our planet for future generations. To do so, we are innovating cleaner energy solutions that enable our customers to make the switch to more sustainable solutions. At the same time, we are working hard to reduce emissions from our facilities and operations.

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We understand the challenges our customers face to lower carbon emissions and reach Net Zero. That’s why we’re committed to offering flexible and sustainable power, energy and temperature control solutions. Helping everyone strike the right balance between planet and profit. 

How we are enabling change

Enabling change with Aggreko solar solutions

Each year we’re investing millions of pounds in cleaner technologies and services which will help reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce emissions. In 2022 alone we invested over £169 million, helping our customers balance resilience with reduction and enabling sustainability to drive commercial success. Through our investment we will increase adoption of cleaner technology to accelerate the pace of change, securing long-term competitiveness and sustainability.

We never stand still. We continue to innovate, applying critical thinking to develop technologies and solutions that solve real-world challenges, whilst maximising efficiency.

We're transitioning the refrigerants we use in our temperature control fleet to lower impact refrigerants, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

We’re focused on enabling customers to meet their own Net Zero ambitions and helping communities to thrive. From facilitating low carbon construction to building sustainability into their own operations, our experienced team provides customers with the knowledge they need to choose the right solution for them. Our principles are simple. We invest in the latest products, use our expertise to apply them in the most efficient way and leverage technology to optimise asset performance when delivering solutions for our customers. Hybridising for maximum efficiency, with unique controls that optimise performance monitoring capability.

We have carried out extensive research into alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and biofuels which have environmental benefits today. Looking ahead, we’re trialling future fuels such as hydrogen and bio-methanol in our facilities and on customer live sites, gathering essential real-world data. We’re also investing in our own equipment to ensure it is fuel agnostic, providing greater flexibility to our customers.

Through greener technology, we’re making the latest energy solutions accessible to all. To encourage early industry adoption of our newer technologies we’re trialling new solutions and techniques with key partners and producing detailed reporting. Giving our customers an informative, balanced view of the results.

Making a difference through digitalisation

Technology is a huge part of our evolution. We develop our own controls to ensure our equipment has bespoke, sophisticated operating capabilities, optimising our solutions at the highest level.  Our tools and monitoring software deliver data driven insights to maximise asset performance and effect action. We are providing our customers with even more insight into emissions, fuels and energy use. Recommending more efficient solutions, making it easier for them to switch to greener solutions.
Aggreko - Energising Change

Learn more about Energising Change™

To learn more about how we are putting all our energy together and Energising Change™ for a positive future, download our Energising Change™ brochure or view our interactive map below.

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