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prevent the risk of costly power failures and maximiSe efficient production during routine maintenance

Test your power supply with load bank hire across Australia

At Aggreko, we can provide you with load bank solutions to thoroughly test equipment.

It is critical to have effective load-testing equipment for any job site so that you can test your equipment under normal loads and peak loads to ensure that they are not going to fail at critical times. This helps you determine the maximum operational capacity of your equipment so you can plan your operations and ensure everything across your project runs smoothly.

Not only will we provide you with top of the line load banks but we will also offer ongoing engineering, commissioning and operational support.

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Generator Load Bank Hire for Australia

Load bank hire at Aggreko varies from small to multi-megawatts with various power testing abilities and additional fleet for support such as power generators. No matter where you’re located across Australia, whether it’s Melbourne or Perth, we have a complete line of AC resistive and reactive load banks for rent. Our wide range of equipment guarantees we have the perfect load bank to suit any industrial requirement. 

  • Testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration
  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment
  • Testing of a generator load
  • Synchronising checks and proof of load-sharing equipment
  • Hot restarts
  • Proven protection scheme
  • Many other applications.

As a renowned provider of rental power solutions, we understand the importance of testing your power generators systems. Which is why we’ve ensured our generator load bank hire is a cost-effective solution for all operations across a wide range of industries. Whether you are a major mining company embarking on a large-scale project or a small operator that needs to ensure your equipment is up to the task, we have the load-testing equipment for you available at the right price.

Let us take the stress out of load testing with our range of generator load banks, which have been built to the highest standard and fitted out with user-friendly features. Best of all, with depots across the whole of Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, our load banks can be easily delivered and installed to meet your requirements and timeframes. To enquire about our generator load banks, simply get in touch with our team below.

Energy Storage systems to ensure you are always operational

Aggreko has a wide range of energy storage solutions available across Australia that provides ideal storing capacity to ensure you never run out of power. The latest innovations mean you can have hours of reserve power on tap from these storage systems so that you will never have to suffer through expensive and avoidable downtime caused by the loss of power to your job site. 

Power generation systems for jobs and projects of all sizes

There are many projects that need to be undertaken in parts of Australia that don't have access to reliable power. We can provide power generation systems that will give you all of the reliable energy you need. All of our power generators have been engineered and manufactured with the latest industry innovations and have been rigorously maintained and serviced so you can be assured they will provide all of the energy you need. 

To learn more, contact the team at Aggreko today. 


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