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"Our engineers are experts at providing the power, heating, cooling and dehumidification needed on construction sites – and will tailor-fit them to your project."

Construction expertise you can count on

We know the construction industry inside and out – giving you the right power, cooling, heating, and dehumidification equipment for the job the first time, every time. With our turn-key offerings, you can set it and forget it, and get back to the important work. 

Power and HVAC - when you need it, where you need it

From getting your construction site up and running to handling emergencies, our generators and distribution equipment will get the job done. You need to distribute power across your site – and our panels, transformers, and switchgear will get it to the right place.

Heat, cold, and moisture can wreak havoc on your schedule and damage building materials. Our equipment will help with these challenges, from preventing micro fractures when drying concrete, to protecting the drywall, carpet, and interior finishes from humidity. Our skilled technicians work with you to provide the right equipment for your site, helping you to maintain your workers’ comfort and safety. We handle your specialized climate-control needs, from maintaining the right air-pressure differentials in your hospitals to cooling and heating any area on the job site.

Need to meet LEED, EPA, or local ordinance regulations? We’ve got biodiesel, double-walled fuel tanks, hybrid power, and generators with industry-leading low-noise levels. We’ll make sure your site keeps running – whether you’re in the heart of the city, or miles from the grid. 

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"Getting the right equipment online within tight budgets and deadlines is essential for the construction industry. Delivering under pressure is what we do best."

Stay ahead of schedule & under budget

Our equipment can get you online faster than waiting for the local utility. Delivery and set up is quick, so you’re not left standing around. You need the right equipment – no more, no less. Our engineers and technicians are experts at providing the power, heating, cooling, and dehumidification needed on construction sites – tailor-fitting them to your project.

Flexibility is everything, so if you need more Power or HVAC – or less – we’ll adapt quickly without interrupting your business. Whatever your project, we’re dedicated to helping you stay ahead.

Construction industry applications Include:

  • Construction site power
  • Construction site dehumidification, cooling and heating
  • Air conditioning to provide cooling during renovation of existing structures
  • Distribution power
  • Crane, tool and welding power
  • Accelerated concrete drying
  • Concrete cooling during mixing to expand delivery window
  • Power and dehumidification for disaster recovery following storms or floods

Power Generation for Construction

Power generation is vital during any construction project. When a project requires reliable power generation, Aggreko is there to help. Industrial construction projects, regardless of the size, often require efficient and reliable power for various sites. Our Aggreko power generation can ensure this occurs with a range of power supply from 5kVA to 1250kVA.

In addition, dehumidifying work areas can enhance productivity as well as assist with the drying of wet paint or concrete. Aggreko can provide heating, cooling and ventilation during reconstruction of existing structures with our extensive temperature control range of equipment.


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