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Data centre commissioning and solutions

From data centre planning to data centre testing, we can help to get your project off the ground.

Bringing clarity and control to data center commissioning, we provide the equipment and expertise you need to take launch your data center.

  • Get flexible power systems for precise pre-go-live testing (L1-L5, FAT/SAT/IST).
  • Increase your speed to market with temporary temperature control, dehumidification and power.
  • Quickly meet increasing demand for data storage and processing.

From breaking ground on a new campus through FAT, SAT, and IST, our technicians are ready to solve problems at any stage during all 5 levels of Testing and Commissioning.

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Data centre testing and commissioning with loadbanks

Data centre commissioning - testing 1, 2, 3...

New data centres are expected to run continuously and reliably. It is crucial therefore to conduct robust testing of all power and cooling infrastructure at commissioning stage - before your data centre goes live. Our specialist data centre commissioning team are experienced at carrying out the full range of testing levels; from L1 factory acceptance tests right through to L5 integrated systems testing, and even go live post commissioning.

Tailored solutions for bridging the Power and HVAC gap in data centre

Commissioning is a challenging phase for any data center. From contractors to owners, every stakeholder has a need for essential utilities like power and cooling - but nobody can afford to wait until grid electricity is available.

Aggreko’s flexible data center power, dehumidification and temperature control solutions give you a fast way to close this gap. Get the utilities you need, when you need them, anywhere in the world. And count on Aggreko to guide you through the entire process, designing a right-sized solution that’s ready to meet demand.

Data center solutions with intelligent designs

What sets Aggreko apart is our unique knowledge of the challenges data centers face. From in-depth testing to becoming operational, we’re with you every step of the way. As a result, you get a single partner for the entire process - and a team that’s always on-hand to solve problems fast.

We can provide power supply and testing to your data center project.

We’ll design a bespoke solution to help you:

  • Power your data center commissioning
  • Protect your assets including data center equipment
  • Go live sooner, even if utility timelines are slow

Data center testing & commissioning

Confidently conduct testing and quality control with:

  • Engineered design to overlay your commissioning plan.
  • Modular load banks to any capacity.
  • Smart connectivity for remote testing.
  • A responsive approach to suit any schedule - even if your ‘mains on’ data changes.

Partner with Aggreko for temperature control solutions, backup power, 24/7 remote monitoring, and more.

After you go live, get ongoing support designed to maximize your agility and respond fast to change:

  • Power, temperature control and dehumidification to increase capacity.
  • Redundant backup utilities to keep you up-and-running during routine upgrades and emergencies alike.
  • 24/7 support with Aggreko Remote monitoring.

Aggreko can help you to bring efficiency and clean energy to your data centre.

At the top end of power consumption, every data center is taking the Energy Transition seriously. At Aggreko, we’re as committed to change as you are.

As well as diesel generators, we can provide gas generators throughout the life of your site. With more sustainable fuel and innovations like repurposing waste heat for power, it’s a way to get the dependable energy you need - without compromising on sustainability.

Data centre power, cooling and testing - at every stage of the data center lifecycle

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