Client Five Star Fish

Location Grimsby, UK

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Providing temporary cooling solutions to keep seafood frozen during cold store refurbishment 

Five Star Fish, part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, was upgrading its 13,000 m3 cold store. As part of the upgrade, its permanent cooling plant had to be shut down.  As they planned for their refurbishment, the needed to preserve the perfect condition of the seafood in the cold store while their own cooling was switched off. They needed rock-solid temporary cooling equipment.
Rotormotion, the engineering consultants steering the project, called on us to provide temperature controlling equipment during the period of their cooling system maintenance. Within three days of their call, our cooling was up and running.


Project fact file

13,000 m3

Size of cold store

72 hours

Speed of implementation

-18 °C

Temperature of cold store

The solution

Temporary cooling equipment to blast freezing air into cold store during refurb

Our cooling plan was approved and the systems were installed and commissioned in just 72 hours. Our innovative units had the cold store down to a chilly minus 18°C so the permanent cooling could be switched off. 

During their refurb, we supplied our Very Low Temperature Fluid Chillers (VLTC), which provide intensive cooling at minus 10°C to minus 40°C. These were powered by two diesel generators, with air handling units and ancillary equipment rounding out the system.  and ancillary equipment rounding out the system. 

The smart design optimised space and minimised business disruption, with all but the air handling units located outside. Plus, our telemetry technology provided round-the-clock remote monitoring to alert us to any critical issues. 


the aggreko difference

We keep our cool so you can too. Choose temporary cooling equipment when you need it.

The impact

Five Star Fish could fast-track their project with the help of temporary cooling units

By getting our temporary cooling equipment installed so quickly, Five Star Fish could fast-track their refurbishment with the confidence that their seafood was being preserved at the optimum temperature. Our local engineering team was on hand for the duration of the project and we provided full fuel management services. Rotormotion and Five Star Fish could focus on the refurb.

Six weeks later, once the refurbished cooling plant was fully tested and re-commissioned, our cooling and power infrastructure was disconnected. It was a completely seamless process. 


If you’ve scheduled a switch-off and need temporary cooling solutions, get in touch with our team. At Aggreko, we can provide reliable, innovative solutions as and when you need it. If you need chiller hire or temporary cooling equipment, we can help.


“Aggreko was able to maintain the ambient temperature our client required to keep their fish products in perfect condition and design an effective solution that avoided business disruption.”

Peter Adams Managing Director ,

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