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Industrial chiller hire from Aggreko

Industrial chiller hire

Temporary cooling for planned and emergency applications

Explore our cooling and temporary industrial chiller hire services

Efficient, flexible industrial chiller hire

At Aggreko, we understand the importance of efficient, scalable temperature control, whether in an emergency or as part of routine maintenance.

We provide a range of chiller hire options, able to meet a diverse variety of temperature control needs. With industrial chiller units ranging from 50 kW to 1500 kW, we’ve got you covered.

So, whether you’re responding to a cooling emergency, need reliable back-up equipment during scheduled maintenance, or simply require more energy efficient industrial chiller units, we’re on-hand to support with a range of chiller hire options.

At Aggreko, we’re experts in industrial chillers, with a wealth of global experience. Our industrial chiller units are installed and operated by seasoned experts, able to tackle even the most complex of situations.

Industrial Chiller: Lower Temperature with less equipment

While cold store applications are very hard to achieve with standard air-cooled chilling units, Aggreko's specialist air-cooled units can easily go as low as -22°F and our water-cooled units down to -49°F, when combined with air-cooled chillers or cooling towers.

Achieving the required kW using standard air-cooled chillers can involve a lot of equipment. This is because the higher the chiller’s minimum fluid outlet temperature, the lower the kW chilling output from the low-temperature air handlers. This means an increased number of air handling units need to be used.

As Aggreko's VLTC can achieve much lower temperature set-points and at a higher capacity, we were able to use less equipment to reach the desired temperature, especially inside the cold store, where space was really at a premium.

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