04 Sep 2018

Heating solutions for the construction industry

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    Matt Watson, Temperature Control Product Manager

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Providing adequate heating solutions for the construction industry is vital for making sure your projects run smoothly. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to control the weather, but there are things we can do to help. We provide construction heating solutions that let you operate even if the weather is against you. Whether you need to dry out a flooded building or make sure your site fulfills health & safety legislation, find out how our construction site power can help.


Our industrial heaters can be used for a variety of different projects. Whether you need to dry out a damp building or keep workers warm in cold conditions, construction heating is vital. Temporary heating for the construction industry includes:

  • Curing concrete: concrete needs to be protected from adverse conditions early, to give it the required strength and durability. Curing removes water from the surface of the concrete, helping to maintain its temperature even when external temperatures are inconsistent.
  • Acclimatising floors: when fitting specialist flooring, it needs time to adjust to the surrounding conditions. If temperatures fluctuate, they won’t be fitted properly, and give you unnecessary costs to fix it.
  • Drying-out: if you’re looking to speed up a project, construction heating equipment can come in handy. Ideal if you need paint, coatings or plaster to dry quicker.


Dehumidifiers work to keep construction sites free from moisture, removing humidity via condensation. Desiccant dehumidifiers perform well at low temperatures in damp conditions, and are perfect for outdoor use, with the ability to dry out large areas.

Desiccant dehumidifiers have hygroscopic materials, attracting and holding moisture that passes through the air. Our dehumidifiers then release the trapped moisture through an exhaust airstream – leaving your construction site with dry air to give you the best possible conditions.

Dehumidifiers are particularly useful if your site has limited access: they are relatively small, and you’ll only need one to clear a large site. Other benefits include:

  • Prevent metal corrosion.
  • Reduce mould growth.
  • Drying-out water damaged buildings.


Industrial boilers are designed to provide both planned and emergency central heating and hot water. And if you need construction heating fast, industrial boilers are a great option. Boilers are a cost-effective source for temporary heating: delivering maximum heat output, with a small footprint. At Aggreko, we provide 250 and 500 kW boilers to the construction industry. In order to run at the optimum temperature, and minimise emissions, with dual stage burners, 3-way valve systems and smart controls.
Within the construction industry, a great deal of steam is required for the formation of non-standard shaped bricks. Unlike the standard ones, moulded bricks are made by hand. Materials are pressed into the desired shape and exposed to steam from a boiler.


If you need to work to very precise temperatures, construction site heating equipment alone won’t be enough. Using a combination of heating and cooling equipment, you’ll be able to reach the optimum temperature. And that’s where ventilation equipment comes in. Using air conditioning equipment alongside HVAC equipment will keep your construction site at the ideal temperature.
A well-ventilated construction site is essential in order to fulfil health & safety requirements, for providing a dust free workplace. In the construction industry, a wide range of different tools and machines are used, which can cause harmful emissions. A good air conditioning system will keep working conditions safe for your staff.
Bad weather can have a major impact on time scales for completed projects. Aggreko has a range of construction site power machinery to help overcome the most challenging conditions.

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