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Quick delivery and installation - air-cooled heat pump chiller hire

100 kW Heat Pump Chiller

The 100 kW heat pump chiller offers efficient cooling with the added benefit of heating, for the ultimate flexibility from a compact footprint.

Heating Capacity 116 kW (@ LWT 45°C, Ambient 7°C)
Cooling Capacity 114 kW (@ LWT 6°C, Ambient 30°C)
Power supply 400V 3p 50 Hz
Height (m) 2.25
Length (m) 2.98
Width (m) 1.10
Weight (kg) 1904


  • The 100 kW heat pump chiller uses R410 refrigerant.
  • Portable Frame with both 4 point ISO lift facilities and forklift pockets.
  • Unit base and frame made from heavy-gauge steel.
  • Full CE design compliance.
  • 3 phase and earth electrical connections, no neutral cable required.
  • Environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion factor.
  • Low sound levels for sensitive environments.
  • Energy efficient compressor units for low running costs.
  • Easy to read and adjust control panel.
  • Condenser fan guards provide protection against accidental site damage.
  • ‘Night Noise Set Back’ with high efficiency or low noise options.


  • The 100 kW heat pump chiller provides both heating and cooling, reducing footprint required for both applications.
  • Ideal if a project has electrical power available and use of open-fire systems is not possible.
  • High energy efficiency: for every kW of electrical energy consumed, up to 3 kW of thermal heat can be obtained.
  • Designed to plug and play with all Aggreko ancillaries including hoses, pumps, manifolds, heat exchangers, buffer tanks etc.
  • Due to the nature of refrigeration heat pumps, special care must be taken when operating the units at sub-zero ambient temperatures, ask an Aggreko representative for advice.
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