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Quick delivery and installation - refrigerator heat pump chiller hire

250 kW Heat Pump Chiller

The 250 kW refrigerator heat pump chiller offers efficient cooling with the added benefit of heating, for the ultimate flexibility from a compact footprint.

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Heating Capacity 255 kW (@ LWT 45°C, Ambient 7°C)
Cooling Capacity 225 kW (@ LWT 6°C, Ambient 30°C)
Power supply 400V 3p 50 Hz
Height (m) 2.52
Length (m) 4.70
Width (m) 1.20
Weight (kg) 2836


  • Powerful fan allows many lengths of flexible ducting.
  • 24 hour running fuel tank for independent use.
  • Can be internally or remotely thermostatically controlled.


  • Our 250 kW heat pump chiller provides good airflow over long distances.
  • Suitable for commercial use and both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Ideal for either largescale or localised temporary heating.
  • Can be run with an external thermostat to save on fuel.
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications - wherever warm air is required.