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Cooling tower hire from Aggreko

Industrial cooling tower hire

Industrial cooling tower hire for supplementary, emergency and back-up cooling

Hire a cooling tower to meet your cooling needs

Here, at Aggreko, we have a large fleet of industrial cooling towers - ranging from 2,500 to 10,000kW. They're flexible too, meaning they can meet any heat load in a range of applications.

Our network of service centres across the UK and Ireland enables us to quickly deliver and install single-unit applications, and modular combinations on larger, multi-megawatt (MW) projects.

We can react quickly to provide a cost-effective, temporary cooling tower hire package that meets your business's temperature requirements, keeps operations running and fits your budget.

Contact our specialists today to discuss your needs, or scroll down to browse our complete cooling towers range. 


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What is a cooling tower?

Cooling towers are large organic heat exchangers. They cool warm or hot water from industrial processes or buildings.

Water from chillers or air conditioners passes through, cooling as it comes into contact with the air. Some of this water evaporates, lowering the temperatures.

Once cool, the water re-enters the cooling equipment or process to repeat the cycle and keep temperatures consistent. 

Cooling towers in industrial applications

We’ve supported clients in a range of industries with our industrial cooling tower hire packages. Our fleet is designed with an innovative modular design – allowing units to be interconnected to meet any heat load.

From supporting process cooling at petrochemical plants to keeping state-of-the-art data centres cool, to maintaining ambient temperatures in aquaculture, to providing supplementary cooling for manufacturing operations during peak periods.

Our temporary cooling tower hire packages can be used during regular maintenance, and emergencies or as additional support during the hot summer months – to maximise production levels.

How can industrial cooling tower hire from Aggreko help you?

Our industrial cooling tower hire service can:

  • help you maintain production during repair or maintenance periods
  • maximise production during summer, as well as periods of high demand
  • reduce costly downtime following disasters or breakdowns
  • meet or exceed environmental safety standards for evaporative cooling towers
  • deliver economical cooling, making energy savings possible
  • give you expert support through Remote Monitoring to ensure your equipment delivers high performance, efficiently

Keep production running and efficiency maximised 

Benefits of choosing cooling tower rental from Aggreko

1. Environmental compliance

Plants reliant on cooling water from rivers, lakes or oceans can face disruption when met with changes to water levels, ambient temperatures, regulations or temperature-sensitive microorganisms.

Our engineers are experienced in finding solutions to such challenges. By totally or partially cooling the water from the plant, we can help you meet production demands while remaining within authorised process limits.

2. Increased production

A limited number of cooling towers restricts your plant’s productivity – particularly during warmer ambient temperatures. Our units can work alongside your own to temporarily increase your cooling capacity.

You’ll then have the capability to optimise production levels, meet seasonal peaks in demand, respond to increases in ambient temperatures and avoid immediate capital investment.

3. Emergency replacement

In the event of a cooling tower failure, you need to act fast. Our process cooling team will work quickly to design and commission a hire package that will get you back up and running with minimum downtime. 

4. Comfort cooling for commercial facilities

Many offices, hospitals and schools rely on HVAC cooling towers to provide comfort cooling. But if a tower breaks down during the summer, conditions can quickly deteriorate.

Our cooling tower rental service provides both cooling towers and chillers to cool buildings, while your permanent plant is repaired or replaced.

Solve your temperature challenges. Contact our team today to discuss your needs, or browse our full range of industrial cooling equipment.

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