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At Aggreko, we understand the diverse needs of the manufacturing sector, and our manufacturing power solutions can meet them all. We’re dedicated to providing manufacturing power that is cost-efficient and offers a flexible reliable energy source – allowing you to strive towards sustainability targets without sacrificing efficiency.

We're not just experts in manufacturing power and temperature control  – we’re part of it

At Aggreko, we design and manufacture our own rental equipment – including our manufacturing power equipment – so we understand the challenges and pressures of manufacturing services; using this knowledge to help our customers devise an effective manufacturing power and temperature control plan.

We’re experts at finding creative manufacturing power solutions, focused on overcoming any power, heating, cooling, and dehumidification challenges you might face. 

And we’re highly mobile too; able to respond to emergencies faster than any other company in the industry. As your manufacturing power and cooling partner, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding manufacturing services that keep your business running.

Simply, we go above and beyond to reduce outages and keep everything on track.

Keep your business running with our equipment rental

At Aggreko, we understand that downtime can be costly. As such, we’re on hand to support manufacturing power, heating and cooling hire for everything from daily operations to planned shutdowns and emergency breakdowns. 

Our equipment hire enables businesses to keep production moving if your compressors, cooling towers, chillers, air conditioning units or generators need maintenance, repair or replacement.

And if disaster strikes our manufacturing power services are there to support and help you get back to production as fast as possible.

Additional manufacturing power and cooling

Sometimes, your demand for on-site manufacturing power will go unmet. Fortunately, we’re on-hand to bridge the gap with efficient heating, power and cooling equipment hire to suit any size task.

Whether you need additional manufacturing power to support an inadequate grid supply, or supplementary cooling to help test and commission recently produced products – our team will work with you to devise a fast and cost-effective manufacturing power, heating or cooling plan.

Don’t wait for disaster

When disaster strikes time is of the essence.

As such, our manufacturing services – including first-class contingency planning, can keep you one step ahead and help proactively plan for floods, fires, power outages or equipment failures.

In the event of an emergency, you’ll have a workable disaster recovery plan to get you back up and running with minimum disruption.

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Manage your revenue and profits

While unavoidable, regular maintenance – or even unexpected repairs – can grind production lines to a halt, especially with older manufacturing power equipment.

Our range of efficient equipment hire can keep your business moving. We’re able to accurately match our power, temperature control, and dehumidification equipment to the changing needs of your site, so you only have to rent equipment when you need it.

What’s more, our engineers can also review your processes and suggest ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently.

Manufacturing equipment hire you can count on

Our engineers maintain our equipment - including all of our rental equipment according to strict schedules, ensuring that it’s there when your business needs an equipment hire plan.
For additional support, we also offer a remote monitoring service; another innovation geared to reduce operating costs and lower carbon footprints.

Our technicians can oversee every piece of equipment 24/7 – every day of the year. This alerts us to when you need a fuel delivery, or if your manufacturing power demands change; meaning you won’t miss a beat in your production schedule. 

Contact us to find out more about our manufacturing services and how our equipment rental can keep your business up to speed.

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“Aggreko found a quick and relatively simple solution to our process cooling challenge. They provided additional reliable cooling for our site so manufacture of a new product could begin, while we focused on adding more permanent cooling capacity.”

Stephen Larke Senior Development Manager ,

“The power package provided by Aggreko ensured that we had the power we needed to meet our production targets. We have been very pleased by both the professionalism and skill of the Aggreko team.”

Abdo Nemer General Manager ,
Union Cement Company

“Aggreko delivered an efficient and cost effective solution to give us the additional power and cooling we required. The team provided excellent advice and the equipment proved very reliable.”

Billy Milligan Lead Electrical and Control Engineer ,
Howden Compressors

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