Cold Stacking

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Economically cold stack rig assets effectively

For drilling contractors who are considering reducing operating costs with cold stacking - our precise temperature control and power solutions could help you significantly reduce your costs and halve your reactivation time.

Cold stacking your rigs with Aggreko allows you to:

  • Protect critical components of your significant capital assets
  • Significantly reduce rig operating costs when idle
  • Lower recommissioning costs and achieve faster recommissioning timelines – getting assets back to producing revenue quicker

We can provide solutions at both 50Hz and 60 Hz. This means we can provide power for rigs in areas like the UK where the rigs are on 60 Hz but the available grid connection is only 50Hz. 

We combine the expertise of our people with accessibility to our global fleet of chillers, air handling units and air conditioners to deliver the most ideal and effective solution for each project.

When compared to desiccant-based humification, our mechanical refrigeration approach is more efficient at removing humidity in offshore environments - as it tempers the space instead of adding heat. This also provides a 35-40% reduction in power capacity.

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 Scoping study

As part of this service we perform a scoping study to provide a detailed recommendation based on each projects specific needs. 

Highlights of the scoping study:

  • Performed by our team of equipment, airflow,temperature control, and dehumidification experts
  • Determines the target areas where conditioning is needed
  • Outlines the ideal dehumidification system design
  • Provides initial and operating cost estimates
  • Focused on minimising modifications, penetrations,and potential damage to the rig

Once commissioned, we will install the equipment and power infrastructure, maintain the installation, and own the service and warranty.

Because we are focused on a very specific range of products –power, temperature control and air compressors – we have the technical expertise, equipment, skills and experience on a big scale, and to a depth, that no one else can rival.

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