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Construction Infrastructure

Extra comes as standard

While we specialise in providing failsafe temporary power that delivers the efficiency and cost-effectivemess associated with permanent supplies, it's the many extras we provide that make us the UK's supplier of choise.

Extra innovation

Manufacturing expertise

We are the only rental company to manufacture our own equipment, making us the true experts in temporary power systems. Our expertise also feeds back into our manufacturing, meaning we build equipment that’s of the highest quality.

Proactive beats reactive

We champion telemetry systems at every turn, which allows our equipment to be monitored remotely via our Remote Operations Centre, 24/7. These intelligent systems detect a problem in its very early stages, enabling our experts to react before it becomes a problem.

Sharing the load

We understand the importance of being able to dial power up or down on a project. It’s why we offer capabilities such as load sharing, where two generators are used at full capacity to power up a site, before one is then powered down for parts of the day. The result? Reduced fuel use, greater profits and less environmental harm.

Extra as standard

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Extra reliability

Optimum condition equipment on every job

When it comes to ensuring reliability, you’ll find no one is more testing than us. With our thorough pre-delivery inspection, we double-check every little detail and conduct rigorous performance and function tests before returning equipment to the field.

Unconditional reliability in all weather conditions

We carry out extensive testing in the hottest and coldest environments on earth to ensure adverse weather never has an adverse effect on your reliability. We also go to great lengths to make sure every unique setting is uniquely tested. So, no matter how extreme the conditions, you can be confident our generators will perform.

24/7 remote monitoring

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) oversees the condition of your machines 24/7 to optimise efficiency. If we detect a potential fault an engineer will be dispatched immediately, ensuring it’s fixed before there’s a problem. This extra peace of mind is available from as little as £3 per day.

Extra as standard

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Extra efficiency

Compatible by design

We don’t just manufacture our own equipment, we ensure they all effortlessly work and talk with each other. This is achieved via our intelligent onboard control systems, which enable us to adapt load and power to suit your specific demands in addition to enhancing fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Clean Air Zone compatibility

We utilise the latest emission technology across all node sizes to ensure our generators comply with current NRMM guidelines. We’re also playing a big role in the development of renewable, hybrid and battery technologies, as well as pioneering a new range of Stage V and MCPD-compliant diesel and gas generators.

Optimised fuel consumption

Our ability to automatically adapt generator capacity to provide ‘load on demand’ means you can draw the power you need as required. In turn, this will help maximise fuel efficiency.

Extra as standard

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Extra expertise

Exceptional experts

With Aggreko you don’t simply get a product. You get an industry-leading project design package, a comprehensive plan, not to mention the support of our skilled electrical and mechanical engineers.

Construction expertise

Our engineers don’t simply know temporary power inside out, they're also experts in the latest industry trends and customer support. And while every team member has sector-specific training, all follow the same rule in being available 24/7 and never leaving a project until any issues are fully resolved.

Purpose-built equipment

Our generators have been specially designed for the rental market, which means they’re both practical to transport and built to withstand even the toughest conditions. We also go to great lengths to protect our equipment, forever testing oil, maintaining parts and reviewing telematics.

Extra as standard

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Extra reassurance

Higher standards as standard

We are the only power generation company in the UK that has the suite of ISO Accreditations verified by LRQA across all divisions and locations in Northern Europe. These include the latest standards for Occupational Health and Safety (ISO45001), Quality Management (ISO9001) and Environmental Management (ISO14001).


Nothing is more important than your safety. Nothing. All of our engineers must pass an intensive induction period and Energy Safety Rules Authorisation training course before working onsite.  All of our activities come with in depth method statements and risk assessments as standard, giving you the reassurance that risks are managed and mitigated before we even get to site.

First for cutting carbon emissions

We help you navigate the minefield of ever-changing legislation and ever-tightening legal restrictions. Our commitment to measuring, managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is also unsurpassed, which is why we’re the world’s first rental company to achieve CEMARS accreditation.

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