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Microgrids and battery storage

Microgrid and Storage Solutions

Younicos has pushed the boundaries of the energy world for more than a decade. In that time they have deployed 220 MW of battery storage capacity in almost 50 projects worldwide. It’s been quite a journey!

In 2017 Younicos became part of team Aggreko, first as a 100% subsidiary, then as an integral part of our company. We have brought together our experts who know exactly how to seamlessly integrate and manage all forms of power, including thermal, renewable and energy storage. The name of this new group? Aggreko microgrid and storage solutions.

How can battery storage help you?

Reduce costs

An expert team on hand

Go greener

Joining forces has strengthened our position as global leader in mobile power, heating and cooling. Our mission? Lower the cost of energy, ensure reliability of power supply and reduce carbon emissions for our customers around the world.

The energy landscape is evolving- and so are we

Global markets are evolving: decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation are becoming key to the energy transition. Integration and control of thermal, renewable and battery systems will be increasingly required to ensure power stability and reliability.

Off-grid and microgrid energy solutions are adding more wind and solar power to their mix, benefitting from optimised use of their generators and lower energy costs. Meanwhile, industrial and commercial customers are also taking advantage of opportunities for renewable integration, enhanced supply security and demand-side management.

As you can see, becoming Aggreko is not the end of the Younicos story. It’s only the beginning. We’re starting an even more ambitious undertaking:

To make powerful solutions available to people across the globe – whenever and wherever they’re needed.

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