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Aggreko – your Energy Transition partner

The Energy Transition is impacting businesses across the world as we move to a sustainable future. At Aggreko, we want to help our customers fully realise the potential it brings to the future of energy and the new landscape its forging.

With the choices available to achieve reliable sustainable power increasing and changing rapidly, you’ll want to take advantage of smarter ones that maximise the different technologies and fuels – and that’s exactly what Aggreko can offer.

We will work alongside you to provide a tailored solution, no matter what stage of the Energy Transition you are at – driven by our commitment to creating better energy solutions together.

Whether your goals are driven by your business ambitions or government legislation, with an Aggreko partnership you can leverage our expertise and engineering capabilities to help you reach your targets.

As a long-term energy partner, we will help you through your Energy Transition journey whether that’s by:

  • Optimising your current power infrastructure and set-up
  • Upgrading your power technology to the most efficient available on the market, increasing your fuel efficiency and reducing your emissions
  • Helping you transition to a lower-impact carbon fuel such as Gas through an LNG or LPG Virtual Pipeline
  • or utilise a waste gas such as flare gas or biogas
  • Hybridising your thermal plant by adding solar, wind and / or energy storage via batteries.

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