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Industrial Heating

Industrial modular heaters and boilers address a wide range of operational challenges.

Cold temperatures can affect workers safety and productivity, production capacity and rates, product quality and mix, production schedules and a company’s ability to seize market opportunities. There are multiple situations when your business may need temporary heating solutions: 

  • Boost productivity during winter with supplementary heating in your warehouse or facility.
  • Ensure comfort and productivity in emergencies when the office heating system fails.
  • Maintain optimal manufacturing conditions by combating high humidity and low temperatures.
  • Control temperatures in temporary structures, from event marquees to medical triage tents.
  • Achieve stable temperatures and humidity in construction processes, including concrete curing and restoration projects.
  • Support food processing systems by drying goods on the production line.
  • Protect frost-sensitive plants with our specialized heating solutions.

These examples represent just a fraction of the operational conditions our industrial heating solutions can address. Failure to resolve these challenges promptly can result in significant business losses. Fortunately, our portable heaters, boilers and dehumidifiers are here to save the day.

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