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Close-up of an open-pit copper mine in Peru.


We help you progress your business with

Better and cleaner mining energy solutions throughout the life of your mines

As mining specialists, we understand the energy you need to operate effectively, no matter where your mine is located or how complex your need. We also understand the practical challenges of reducing your carbon emissions. That’s why we’ll work with you and use our deep expertise to develop the right choice of solutions and services that gives you the energy you need.

Whether you need underground cooling, heating or dehumidifying, mining services for day-to-day energy needs, or the reassurance that you can use cleaner energy without reducing your productivity, we ensure you perform efficiently and can concentrate solely on your business. Furthermore, because we are the only global provider of flexible energy solutions and services, you’ll receive the same high standards wherever your mine is located.

What sets us apart

Mobile and modular energy solutions

Our mobile and modular solutions are expandable and scalable to be able to adjust to the timelines required by the mining operation. This also allows mining companies to scale our services in relation to how the markets perform, mitigating capital risk that comes with purchasing equipment and further enhancing operational efficiencies.

Energy transition technology

We are continuously investing in new technology that seeks to reduce environmental impact whilst delivering operational and capital efficiency. Our customers benefit from partnering with us as they are able to leverage innovation at low risk and not be concerned about having the latest products. We provide the most up-to-date and equipment allowing miners to concentrate on their core business.

Mining health and safety 

We recognise that occupational health and safety are critical issues for mining customers worldwide. That’s why we adhere to the highest standards around the world. For every project, we ensure all safety and QHSE compliance requirements are met and what’s more we are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Global standard for mining services

We service the mining sector with a wide range of mobile modular powertemperature control and energy services. Our global reach and local expertise allow us to be nimble whilst still delivering high quality standardised services for all our mining customers across the globe.

Flexible contracts

Our flexible contracts can range from days to decades and be tailored to suit the requirements of our customers and the project. Furthermore, our build, operate and maintain rental model frees up working capital for more profitable investments and increases a miners’ borrowing power with a better ratio of assets to liabilities.

Bisha Mine Solar-Diesel-Hybrid Project

Mining Mission to Net Zero

The mining industry is undergoing a meaningful energy transition

From traditionally relying on diesel for power generation to moving towards renewable and alternative fuel solutions. Driven by the world’s leading mining companies committing to net-zero emissions by 2050, there has been significant investment in renewables in the industry.

Cleaner power, without compromise

Our offering to mining industry

Global standard mining services

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From mining generator rentals to mine cooling systems, our local experts and technicians can survey your project and site needs to come up with an effective, affordable plan to get your team (or keep them) up and running. Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team to learn more about Aggreko’s innovative energy solutions today.

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