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Rental equipment backed up by 24/7 remote monitoring by real people

Is your Aggreko rental equipment marked with an ARM sign?

Gas and diesel generatorsbattery storage systems and various temperature control equipment marked with the ARM sign include our 24/7 monitoring service by trained diagnostic engineers as well as access to the Aggreko Remote Monitoring app.

Remote monitoring for smooth operation 

For those responsible for keeping power up and running — no matter what — having an expert set of eyes on critical systems is essential. Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) helps customers by delivering essential information and expert support to keep facilities, plants and events running smoothly. 

Our technology monitors our equipment performance and alerts a technician when issues might arise. For managers, this means access to run status, load, fuel levels, and more anytime — and equipment reliability. For field operations with dozens of pieces of equipment in remote areas, it means knowing the exact location of the unit needing maintenance, with expert technicians providing instructions and on-site support. Or, knowing exactly when to call for a fuel truck, optimising fuel delivery scheduling and costs.

Why Aggreko?

Rapid response to emergencies

Proactive maintenance

Allow our customers to focus on critical operations

Maximise uptime

Enquire about hiring equipment backed up by a 24/7 monitoring team

Peace of mind with remote 24/7 monitoring

  • Security and operational efficiency: Users are notified of any critical performance alarms and contacted immediately by Aggreko’s 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC), a one-of-its-kind response team staffed by expert technicians to diagnose, respond and remotely fix issues when possible.

  • Safety: Critical incident, such as equipment stopping unexpectedly, an electrical trip, or a mechanical fault, is immediately noticed and actioned upon.

  • Fuel Management: We monitor usage and schedule deliveries to match and deliver the fuel before you run out.

  • Flexibility and fast response: Options to deploy our technicians or call the customer to alert if any problems arise for cost effective and fast troubleshooting.

Aggreko Remote Monitoring in action