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Solar Solutions

Solar power is good for the planet and your pocket — so why not try to catch every ray?

With clever design tricks and creative workarounds, our custom solar solutions help you find the hidden places where you can push for more power.

That way, you can take full advantage of the enormous benefits of clean energy solutions like solar: reduced carbon emissions, less reliance on the grid, and easy access to sustainable energy.

We’re one of the only companies in the industry that knows both solar eco-solutions and traditional power generation inside-out.

We’ll open up the world of custom solar power with a huge range of equipment for every situation

Hybrid and independent panels

Off-grid, on-grid or both

Offshore and onshore

Build an array that maximises the sun’s power potential

There’s no one-size-fits-all solar installation. We’ll consider the whole range of possible equipment and arrangements to help you generate the power you need.

Offshore or onshore
Near the coast? We’ll weigh up whether you’ll get more power from offshore solar panels or onshore installations — or even explore mobile solar power systems that help you switch between the two.

Off-grid, on-grid or hybrid solar system
Whether you want the independence of a full off-grid solar system, the security of an off-grid solar system with generator backup, or the reliability of national grid-connected solar power, we're here to help.

Explore hybrid power plants

Explore backup power generation

Hybrid solar systems
Need to give your power supply an extra boost? Try our hybrid solar power generators — cutting-edge integrated solar and thermal power solutions that provide lower-cost, reliable power.

Explore our solar power generation products

Small switches, big differences

Accelerating TransitionNot sure where to start with sustainable energy? Calculate the small switches that will make the biggest difference to your construction company’s emissions and fuel costs.

Use the Greener Upgrades Calculator

Explore our other cleaner power solutions

Not ready to switch to solar? Or just want to reduce emissions across your operations? Talk to us about our other cleaner power solutions, from combined heat and power to natural gas-powered generators.

Explore our cleaner power solutions


Creative solar solutions in action