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Trusted leader in commercial and industrial HVAC solutions

Industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning, available from a responsive partner

Industrial HVAC supply

Create the ideal environment with effective industrial HVAC equipment

In industrial and heavy commercial settings, temperature and air quality are important variables to control. Whether you’re supplementing your existing HVAC equipment or looking for modular heating, our range includes everything you need.

Our unique reach and scale mean we’re able to support you wherever you go, no matter how big or small your project is. We regularly provide impactful, tailored HVAC solutions, from heat exchangers to commercial heating and cooling and low-noise equipment for industrial air conditioning.

Looking for heating or cooling equipment? At Aggreko, we have a selection of heaters, boilers, chillers and cooling towers for you to choose from, to ensure your industrial requirements are met.

Heating and cooling hire

A modular approach to meet your requirements

Industrial and commercial HVAC solutions

What makes Aggreko unique is our expansive industry expertise and responsive, can-do approach. We don’t just supply HVAC equipment - we go above and beyond to maximise the value we provide. 

Working with us, you’ll get a bespoke solution that fits around the practicalities of your project. Not just with our recommended equipment, but also in our rapid deployment and emergency HVAC packages. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’ll be there. 

Our capabilities

From dense air injection to cold food storage to movie special effects, Aggreko offers customized rental cooling, rental heating, and environmental control solutions for virtually any situation.  Plus, we have the technical expertise to solve your most complex temperature control challenges, including implementing solutions across the following areas:

Aggreko has a thorough understanding of the demanding challenges of critical temperature applications. Our technical specialists will quickly deploy equipment and monitor performance to ensure a continued, reliable service. 

Supporting a wide range of use cases