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Client Ashcourt Group

Location Durham, England

Sectors Construction

The challenge

Fast drying a wet winter building site

A little rain never hurt anyone but a lot of bad weather can spell time delays and budget blowouts for a construction site. Ashcourt called us when they found themselves behind schedule on the construction of four student accommodation buildings. The interior had been exposed to the extremes of a Durham winter causing site workers frustrations and delay.


Project fact file

4 buildings

Needed drying and heating

125 kW

Modular mobile heater

30 kVA generator

Used to power the heater

2 hours

Durham's daily winter sunshine

The solution

One modular mobile system for four buildings

We packaged up a 125 kW heater and ducting connected to a 30 kVA generator. This was linked to a 1,000 litre fuel tank to minimise the footprint. Because the equipment was modular and easy to move, we only needed one heater to dry out all four buildings.


the aggreko difference

We can provide heating and power anywhere, and in any conditions.

The impact

Project schedule and winter weather beaten

Despite the bad weather, the project was delivered ahead of schedule. Savings were made by only having to hire one effective modular heater for all four buildings. By rolling the power and temperature control into one package, the customer needed to manage only one supplier, one point of contact and invoice, saving on coordination tasks and administration time.


“The solution meant we could meet project deadlines ahead of schedule despite the bad weather.”

Matt Tinker Project Manager ,
Ashcourt Group

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