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truck-mounted load bank

Mobile load bank testing solution for data centre commissioning

Client: New build hyperscale data centre

Location: West Gate Auckland, New Zealand

Sectors: Data centres

The Challenge

Overcoming equipment shortages and accelerated data centre construction timelines

Our client was supporting the commissioning of UPS for a new build hyperscale data centre. This hyperscale data centre had 5 UPS in total - four 3MW loads and one 600KW load. 

The client was confronted with an absence of a suitable local load bank fleet to test their UPS. The task at hand was made even more demanding by the data centre’s concurrent construction and testing timeline. This convergence of activities compressed various scopes including construction, electrical work, civil engineering, structural adjustments, and HVAC implementation.

Civil construction works were happening simultaneously to the scheduled load testing. This also meant there would be space constraints on site.

Because various tasks were occurring simultaneously, with each one predicated on another, it was imperative for each task to progress seamlessly. Any disruptions could potentially impact the already tight deadlines. Besides this, to ensure the testing timeline could be followed, it was crucial to foresee and plan for the frequent changes that typically happens with the load testing schedule at the last minute. 

Project Fact File

Reactive load banks 3MW
Total capacity tested 12.6MW
Units 5 UPS

The Solution

Deployed truck-mounted load bank and cabling setup

To tackle the limitations imposed by site space due to the simultaneous construction and commissioning activities, Aggreko devised a unique solution aimed at surmounting this challenge. 

Our team strategically positioned the load banks and temporary cable runs onto a low-loader truck. This approach allowed the client to relocate the load bank compound after testing was concluded at a specific site location. This manoeuvre facilitated the clearance of access ways and the seamless continuation of subsequent phases of construction and civil works, avoiding the need to postpone civil works for extended durations. Their logistical efficiency of construction was not impacted

This workaround also diminished both freight and labour expenses linked to the setup and dismantling at each testing point. In contrast to the previous practice of disassembling and reassembling all equipment, shifting it to the next test point, and arranging everything anew – a process that could extend for 4 to 5 days – the current approach entails merely parking the truck at the next designated testing point.

We are pleased with the ease of working with the team, their flexibility, and the seamless project coordination delivered by Aggreko. This was crucial considering the tight timelines of the project with very high standards of HSE.

Customer testimonial

Hyperscale data centre

The Impact

Streamlined access clearance and elimination of setup

Through our custom solution, resolute commitment, and adaptability, our client steered clear of the time and labour expenses connected to the setup and tear-down for each testing instance. This ensured the uninterrupted flow of various tasks without any delays. 

Equipped with Aggreko's load bank proficiency and electrical acumen, our customer successfully launched another data centre without incurring costly delays, fully prepared to fulfil its intended purpose.