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Generating power from largest landfill site in Latin America

Client: EVA Energia

Location: Rio de Janeiro and Maua (Sao Paulo State), Brazil

Sectors: Renewable energy

The Challenge

Biogas power expertise and solution required for energy company

EVA Energia operates in power and natural gas commercialisation, distributed generation and biomethane sales. The company had planned to invest in power plants and begin selling energy from landfill gas at two locations - Seropedica (Rio de Janeiro State), the largest landfill site in Latin America, and Maua (Sao Paulo State).

To increase its share of the renewable energy market, EVA Energia required a partner that has the latest technology, new-generation equipment and has an experienced, expert team capable of operating and maintaining the plant.

Reliability is also key. Blackouts had to be avoided. Generation is needed 24/7, 365 days a year, with no room for error. 

Project fact file

Capacity of sites annually 73 Million Cubic Metres
Duration of contract 7 Years
Of landfill gas power 10MW

The Solution

10 MW of gas generators and cutting-edge technology

The solution includes the supply of eight gas generators, four at each landfill site, providing a total of 10 MW of power for seven years. Aggreko's highly-efficient gas generators are manufactured using the latest technology that can use landfill gas as fuel.

The landfill sites have the potential when in full operation to produce 73 million m3 of renewable natural gas (RNG) annually.

Our solution incorporates a cooling system, preventative and corrective operation and maintenance, with safety prioritised in every project we are involved in. Crucial to the entire operation is our highly specialised team that can remotely monitor the plants constantly, 24/7, 365 days a year.


"As the energy transition continues to gather pace, we know that our customers are increasingly looking for sustainable but simultaneously flexible power solutions that help them drive efficiencies, while also supporting their carbon reduction targets. Landfill gas is ideal to support delivery of these goals and our power solutions help customers around the world to benefit from this fuel."

Pablo Varela

Managing Director , Aggreko Latin America

The Impact

Latest clean, innovative and flexible solution - without the need for Capex

Hiring this level of technology allows customers to save money and simultaneously gain access to the most efficient, cleanest and cost-effective solutions.

Aggreko is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire plant and equipment and we help clients to reduce cost by training qualified technicians to deal with the demands the plant will surface.

Our solution also reduces investment in equipment, lowers operating costs and results in a faster entry to production. Operations can start in just four months after the import of the equipment. If the customer decides to buy this instead? The timeframe is between eight and ten months - which will delay the start of power generation and reduce profits.

Society as a whole is impacted by the growth of renewable energy. Companies across the globe are searching for the adoption of a sustainable energy source with reduced carbon emissions. And this has led to the increase in the production of electricity from landfill biogas.

We are committed to offering more efficient solutions and consolidating our position as a partner for our customers, continuing to help process waste into energy.

Aggreko guarantees that generator emissions meet the standards required by CETESB (the Environmental Agency of the State of Sao Paulo).