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2024.04.17 Aggreko

Aggreko on standby to help power Guam

20MW Power for remote location

Guam, Oceania: Energy solutions company Aggreko, world leader in the supply of modular power, has been commissioned to supply Guam Power Authority (GPA) with a 20MW power package in Guam for the next 24 months.

Installation of the high efficiency, ultra-low emission generators is one of the key measures being implemented to maintain power system reliability in the remote location. The contract requires Aggreko to provide the additional power to the community within the next 100 days. 

General Manager of Guam Power Authority, John Benavente, P.E. expressed his confidence in the collaboration between GPA and Aggreko, stating, "We have worked very hard with all stakeholders to ensure this approach to address load shedding would be beneficial for the people of Guam.  The addition of these state-of-the-art generators, which burn cleaner fuel more efficiently, will have a positive impact on GPA’s current position on fuel under recovery, especially considering the continued increases in fuel costs.  With Aggreko's expertise and rapid mobilization capabilities, we are confident in their ability to meet the requirements of the contract and the needs of the community efficiently and effectively."
Aggreko’s package will include engineering services, for design, installation, and commissioning, with onsite operators throughout the length of the contract.  

“The package we will provide highlights Aggreko’s ability to rapidly mobilise fast-track, turnkey solutions to support our customers’ needs, no matter where in the world they operate,” said Aggreko APAC Managing Director, George Whyte.

 “We’ve committed a team of local and international experts to ensure we execute the contract on time and safely.   Our plan is to support the local government’s objective: to meet all of the energy demand and minimise the risk of power shortages across the country,” Mr Whyte said.