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Industrial Dehumidifier (0.45 m3/s)

Commercial and industrial dehumidifier hire services (non-residential)

Key Data

  1. Design Airflow
    0.45 m³/s

Physical Data

  1. Height (m)
  2. Length (m)
  3. Width (m)
  4. Weight (kg)


  • Heavy duty for rental market
  • Discreet, stainless steel casing
  • Can reduce the dew point of process air to less than 10ºC
  • Weather-proof enclosure suitable for outdoor installation


  • Cost-effective way to reduce the effects of moisture damage (one unit can dry out very large areas)
  • Do not require background heat for them to work
  •  Can be placed inside and outside
  • Air can be directed into specific areas using flexible ducting
  • Temperature control accessories are available

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