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Low temperature, industrial air conditioners for hire

100 kW Industrial Air Conditioner

Aggreko Air Conditioner (AC) units cover a wide range of applications from tent cooling to turbine inlet air cooling. The AC100 model is a reversible-cycle packaged unit that can not only cool but also heat, dehumidify and filter the air to ensure an ideal climate for human occupancy or product storage. Moisture is also removed from the air as a natural side-effect of the cooling process.

AC100 air conditioner unit

Equipment shown may not be representative of equipment currently available

Cooling Capacity 102.9 kW at 5.3 m3/s, 35°C ambient
Heating Capacity 98.9 kW at 5.3 m3/s, 7°C ambient
Max Ambient Temp 40°C
Design air flow (m3/s) 5.3
Air Outlet Temperature -5 / 40°C
Ambient Temperature 27ºC (cool) /19ºC (heat)
Max Airflow (l/s) 7 m3/s at free outlet°C
Sound pressure level 57 dB(A) @ 10 m
Height (m) 2.25
Width (m) 2.25
Length (m) 2.91
Weight (kg) 2185


  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko’s standards
  • Reverse cycle, multi-functional unit
  • Condenser fan guards
  • Direct expansion (DX) design
  • Broad temperature control range
  • Energy-efficient compressor units
  • Fork lift pockets and top lifting points


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications
  • Provides cooling, heating, dehumidification and filtering of air
  • Protection against accidental site damage
  • Allows rapid ‘plug and play’ installation
  • Suits a wide variety of applications
  • Reduced total cost of operation
  • Safe, balanced lifting and placing in tight places